Breath Of The Wild Player Discovers That Lynels Are Friendly, Actually

Most Lynels in Breath of the Wild just want you to respect their personal space.

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Inverno623d ago

This been known. I avoid these things all the time, all they'll do is look at you

CDbiggen623d ago

Lmao the video in the article ends at just the right moment.

fitofficial622d ago (Edited 622d ago )

"Aim and them with a bow"

Like... your whole entire job is to write. The whole thing. Nothing more is asked of you, and at this point nobody expects any more for obvious reasons.


Rachel_Alucard622d ago

This is that site that just takes reddit posts by people who just discovered something for themselves for the first time and writes out articles to make it appear as if it's some new thing nobody knew before.

Levii_92622d ago

Ughh ... these kind of useless articles related to Nintendo should read like this:

''Breath of the Wild players discover that Nintendo sucks and with no games they are dying of boredom and they want to sell the console''

Or maybe that's just me 🤷‍♂️