Battlefield 2042 Extraction Streaks, Jet & Chopper Loadouts, Battle Pass Info Leak Out

Battlefield 2042 Extraction streaks, loadouts for jets & choppers, and Battle Pass info, and more have surfaced via datamining.

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RaidenBlack36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

But ... when's the Beta, mp1st?
Sep 22, confirmed?

excaliburps35d ago

Not confirmed but I gather well get info from the remaining specialists this coming week and something else.

JohnGibreci35d ago

It looks sick. Only 1 thing worries me is that there's a lot of stuff in this game and beta should start really soon. Hopefully most important stuff will be ready to be tested without any crashes.

Nitrowolf235d ago

yep hopefully its a polished beta. i know that's asking a lot from a beta but still

LordoftheCritics35d ago

Yea if this Beta doesn't hold up, don't buy. Trust me on this. I have bought a large number of games with bad betas and they were very close to launch versions.

In fact Anthem's alpha and launch version had many similarities.

peppeaccardo34d ago

If they charge a battle pass after I have to fork out 70 euros for it … is a no go for me !