In defence of God of War's Thor

Eurogamer : Last night, during Sony's PlayStation Showcase event, we got the debut trailer for the new God of War game - and super cool it looks too.
But after God of War Ragnarok was fully unveiled, we got what was for me an even more interesting reveal: our first look at the game's version of Thor, the Norse god of Thunder.

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darkrider131d ago

Well marvel movie are very far from the Nordic myth. It's a Hollywood version.

chrisx131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

Kratos will probably bash his head in, with mjolnir. And yes I think there's nothing to defend here, this is how Thor should look. MCU endgame Thor is more accurate

darkrider131d ago

And people got so angry with that.

130d ago
S2Killinit130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

You mean the pathetic length you go to try and find anything wrong with Sony’s stellar gaming pedigree? Since nothing else is left to complain about, you resort to bitching about design choices. As if your opinion is more important than the artist.

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qalpha130d ago

This is what we call "manufactured outrage". Nobody is really complaining about what Thor looks like, except maybe a few youngsters that are thinking "That's not Chris Hemsworth!".

130d ago
qalpha130d ago


Oh,NO! Not Twitter?! And it's the ENTIRETY of twitter??? Whatever will people do? Meh, go back to your twatter if that's important to you. Nobody else cares

Sayai jin129d ago

People need to go out and touch some grass.

Drakul129d ago

Oppps!!! Nordic Myth expert has spoken......

TheExecutioner129d ago

Which is coming from comics books

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-Foxtrot131d ago

It’s literally Thor from the actual mythology

I don’t get why people would be annoyed

Nitrowolf2131d ago

Because blame Hollywood and Marvel for setting this bars.

I think he looks great

Inverno130d ago

I don't think anyone's actually upset though. People loved fat Thor I'm the marvel movies and people on Twitter were poking fun at it by comparing it. Not only is it lots accurate but it was hinted by Mimir's comments on him. Honestly I think it's all just mostly fabricated outrage for the clicks

Yppupdam130d ago

I agree, anyone who expected a marvel-esque super hero Thor would have to be a low IQ moron.

Godmars290130d ago

Its got to be a mix of SJW types and anti-SJ types. The dogmatic reactionaries.

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McToasty2077129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

Not really, Roman travellers visiting the region in pre Viking times found that the Norse Gods paralleled theirs decently closely, and Thor was alwalys compared to Hercules (So unless your suggesting that dude wasn't jacked?). Thor was very much meant to be the peoples favourite god, representing strength and vitality (and of course storms), the kind of guy whose never met a challenge he couldn't handle, be it combat or a drinking challenge.

What I don't get is people being upset at changes to aspects of Gods, given God of Wars Loki and Baldur were clrealy a distinct characters and their going in different directions from the mythology

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bestofyou131d ago

Doesn't matter its a video game. But the writer bringing up "Fat shaming", really? Are we supposed to embrace worship fat and unhealthy people? Granted I'd rather a more athletic Thor to match Kratos, but this is fine or maybe more like the mountain from Game of Thrones. This thor looks like a large dwarf from LotR.

130d ago
Saaleh130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

If i'm fat i wouldn't be ashamed of it but some day i would take it seriously and fix it if possible.

I'm so thin i can see my skeleton, i don't feel proud of being thin or ashamed of it, it feels wrong i'm in this state and i always prefer to see normal healthy shape. I always thought fat people feel the same way, but it doesn't seem that way. If something is unhealthy it is no longer a preference. Fat people are usually awesome and sometimes even fun people, just imagine if they take care of themselves.

TheRealTedCruz130d ago

Real men can't outrun "lesser men" and typically drop when trying to.

They also tend to live far shorter lives. I'll stick with hitting the gym almost every day.

1nsomniac130d ago

I sense some homoerotic tendencies going on here…

Elda130d ago

Things that make one go...hmmmm.

il-JumperMT130d ago

have you ever seen strong men competitions?

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CorndogBurglar130d ago

"But the writer bringing up "Fat shaming", really? Are we supposed to embrace worship fat and unhealthy people?"

You realize there's more than two options, right? Not fat shaming people doesn't mean you have to worship them lol.

130d ago
bestofyou128d ago

That's the thing, Unless you're 100% fine with obesity you are labeled fat shaming.

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SCW1982131d ago

I freaking love this design, and if you listen to how Mimir describes him this is exactly how I view him. A booze drinking head smashing god who will kill you if you look at him the wrong way.

DarXyde130d ago

Very much agreed. Sure, Modi and Magni were in better shape, but that actually makes sense when you consider that they're more active and doing a lot of the bidding. Thor's appearance makes sense for two main reasons in my view:

1. He's gluttonous and lazy, but clearly extremely powerful. If anything, having others do everything for him is a testament to his power. There hasn't been any reason for him to get involved until the conclusion of the events of God of War; and

2. Thor as a heavyset Viking is indicative of abundance: an abundance of power, an abundance of virility, etc.

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AspiringProGenji131d ago

There’s nothing to be defended here. Give people time to actually settle with the truth. Most of them think Thor is the one from Marvel.

They are going throught the same process as Americans when they realize what a Bald Eagle really sounds like and not the one the western movies made them believe🤣

Alex_vance21130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

The Norse Myth never explicitly says that Thor is fat. It just says he enjoyed feasting. Feasting is a Norse custom. Hence the Norse made the Norse myth. Even so the other gods including Odin enjoyed feasting, are you going to say all the Norse gods are fat because they enjoy food and drink It's absurd if anything Thor would be more fit and muscular considering he is a warrior and has fought many battles. Enjoying food and drink as well as having a big appetite is not synonymous with being fat. Fit people enjoy food and drink as much as fat people. They are still fit because they are active. Look at UFC fighters for instance, none of them are fat. Maybe they do not have big muscles, but they are limber and lean. Since being fat would be burdensome on the body in a combat situation. Serious, is Matt sophos going to have Thor fight with sluggish and exaggerated movement, because that is what being fat does to you in combat situations. Viking warriors for instance are never portrayed as fat because if you think about being in combat all the time being fat would be a detriment. Vikings were the ultimate feaster's and made the Norse myth. You are prepared to tell me Viking warriors had bellies, come on. They were constantly in battle and probably worked off all the food and drink they consume. Therefore it is reasonable to assume Thor could eat as much as he did and be fit because he is in combat a lot of the time against the giant or other enemies.

Elda130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

It all depends on one's body makeup. If one has a high metabolism including being active they can eat as much as they want & won't gain weight. Then there are folks that eat a lot & do gain weight & it just happens to be the character Thor that is in God Of War. I think it's a great design choice & interpretation that goes against the commercial norm that usually thinks how Thor is supposed to look like.

Alex_vance21130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Actually that is not true, sure a high metabolism help, but if you are active and eat a lot it will keep the weight off and you may not be muscular, but you would not be fat either. I think it is a horrible design choice. It is so silly to have Thor be as fat as he is. Having Thor fat and a black Norse god supports the agenda that Sony has been pushing. First the inclusion in the last of us part 2 with lev and the too swole body type of Abby, then the blm reference in miles morales and now an overweight Thor, when Norse lore never says he is fat and a black god, when the Norse gods are based on people from Norway, Norway's has virtually no black people, so a black god seems out of place. That is particularly why in the god of war trilogy all the characters and gods were white since there are no black people in Greece. Norway and Greece are very homogenous places with mainly a white population. So a black Norse god based on a myth that is based on a place mainly made up of white people seems like a virtue signal. Also having Thor be fat seems like a huge virtual signal since being fat is celebrated now or days without considering the health implications.

McToasty2077129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

It's completely absurd to assume that rules like eating lots means they'd be fat, did we forget the Gods are magic? Like Thors Hammer flys back to him, Lady Sil's hair is made of gold, and Freya had a ship you could fold and put in your pocket. Thor once almost drunk the entire ocean in a challenge with Utgard-Loki, like it's clear that his stomach is like a black hole, it's never filled.

Our rules do not apply to them!

PS I am fine with Fat Thor though, just don't get the logic of these arguments

AspiringProGenji129d ago

The design of Thor has nothing to do with politics. That is how the source material describes him. You right wingers just like to blame everyone on politics it is ridiculous

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Alex_vance21129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

@Aspiringprogenji the source material does not explicitly say Thor is fat. I read the article where Matt sophos cited two poems the one where Thor drank most of the ocean and the one where Thor pretended to Freya before eating the whole feast and killing the groom. Neither poem describes him as fat. Sony could have made Thor large with a washboard stomach and no belly. Besides the fact that having such a large belly would be a detriment to combat. It is just going to be silly to see Thor in game running to kratos to attack Thor's man boobs flapping up and down while he rushes you. It is just so redicoulous. Part of the problem with the design is the use of the Norse myth as a justification. It is not in the myth. Thor is not fat. In other mediums such as assassin's Creed Valhalla and too human Thor is not depicted as fat.

Further to the point about making Thor fat be political, it sort of is. Matt Sophos has an adversary kind of relationship with critics. Since people like him love an echo chamber instead of civil discourse with criticism. I do not think Sony is pushing an agenda. The more I think about it, the more I think it is the individual creators who are pushing inclusion and politics in games since Sony is very hands off with the creative process. Dude, it's obvious Thor was made fat for inclusion sake. Especially because the lore never says he is fat. Not to mention this culture we have now of celebrating being fat. Heck Matt sophos even accused critics of fat shaming. It is so absurd.

AspiringProGenji129d ago

The eddas books describe Thor as a glutton and alcoholic. Also this game is set near the end of the norse saga so this is an older thor, so this design is appropriate. Also this is mot the first time we see a fat God. Hades was a big fat demon-like god. This has nothing to do with politics. Just SSM sticking to the source material