Why Retiring Forza Hub Negatively Affects the Franchise

KeenGamer: "Upon the release of Forza Horizon 5, Playground Games decided to retire Forza Hub completely. This is a huge disadvantage for the loyal fan base, as the app provided so-called 'loyalty rewards'. Not only do they retire Forza Hub, the entire system of being gifted cars at launch, for playing previous games, may now also be removed."

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dumahim39d ago

Meh. They're right about it being unbalanced. I'm not sure unbalanced is the right way to describe it, but at this point it's pretty difficult for newer players to reach the top tier on the rewards. They say their working on a new rewards system, so no need to panic.

NeoGamer23239d ago

I religiously log into the hub once a week to get 450,000 CR in each game still supported. Disappointed to see it go. Hopefully the new system will be good.

DJStotty38d ago

Yeah because credits are hard to earn in Horizon right?...

BrainSyphoned39d ago

The first few GT games are my favorite because you started with a beater and actully got to improve it, now days in racing games I have a dream car before I even buy tires for my first vehicle. I'd happily ditch the lottery wheel giving me super cars and infinite money before my first race.


Looking for a banger on Turismo was brilliant. I wish more games forced you to start with shit cars. The used car market was brilliant and you always felt there was a bargain to be found.
On the latest forza horizon I got an Escort cossie as my first car. Destroyed everything

DJStotty38d ago

But you don't have to use the car given though right?

Just pick a banger if that's your thing...

Elit3Nick39d ago

I've never liked Forza Hub because it trivialized a lot of the actual progression in the game. Where Horizon 1 started you off with a VW Corrado and let you build from there, with Hub rewards you ended up starting the newer games with 20+ cars, including hypercars that normally should've been a later-game unlock.

Magog38d ago

I'm sure you'll still be able to buy cars with real money though, right?