Insomniac Understood The Spirit Of Spider-Man

Celebrating 3 years of Spider-Man PS4's release, we take a look at what made Insomniac's take on the webcrawler so special.

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masterfox748d ago

Is too damn good! along side Miles Morales, visuals, gameplay, combat, controls, fun factor, music, sound effects, you name it!. Insomniac created a Masterpiece of a game. :)

TheOptimist748d ago

I feel that people don't give enough credit for how good Insomniac has written the story.
They smashed it with the narrative.

748d ago
Germaximus748d ago

Yeah the story is very well written. Extremely underrated by most players. Makes no sense to me. It's excellent.

748d ago
Yi-Long748d ago

Pretty much the ONLY complaint I had about Spider-Man (Haven’t played MM yet cause I want to play that on PS5) was that the city of New York was a bit boring. I know it’s very authentic and it looks gorgeous in places, and of course it’s a grid-based city with a lot of medium-height high-rise, but I really wish it would have had a bit more diversity & personality between the different neighborhoods/areas. I know it’s pretty much ‘just’ Manhattan, but the devs did such a fantastic job in creating a fun, gorgeous colorful city in Sunset Overdrive, that the realism of Spider-Man’s NY with all the brown buildings felt a little bit underwhelming …

TheOptimist748d ago

Tbh my issue was the same. The world felt pretty barren besides what they had designed for it.

Germaximus748d ago

Yup. Both games are a 10/10 and I felt the same way.

Germaximus748d ago (Edited 748d ago )

"Do you know the part that I loved the most about the narrative? Something I have rarely seen people talk about?"

Felt the same exact way. Doc Oc's story is so damn good. The entire story is amazing. Good article. Shared and tagged Insomniac on twitter. Hope they see it. =)

TheOptimist748d ago

The entire story is amazing. One more stand out moment is when Peter is texting MJ when she is annoyed by him. The text pop ups, the stunning shots and the way them talking like two actual people talking felt so Spiderman-esque.

And thank you for the shout out. Much appreciated!


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Rebel_Scum1048d ago

The idea of a FPS being #1 on any list makes me cringe.

N2NOther1048d ago

The idea that someone would cringe at an FPS being number one makes me cringe. Especially when they probably haven’t played this game.

excaliburps1048d ago

As what BlackDoom said. Have you even played its campaign? It's one of the best campaign FPS' ever.

MP is A-tier as well. I love God of War 2018, but even I prefer The Witcher 3 to it.

Rebel_Scum1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

yeah I played a few hours of it.


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Spider-Man Creative Director Speaks Out on Peter Parker's New Face Following Backlash

Brian Intihar, creative director at developer Insomniac Games releases a statement on Twitter following backlash regarding Peter Parker's new look in Spider-Man Remastered.

mrsolidsteel201094d ago

Wow, what a bunch of man b$&tches complaining over this issue.

xHeavYx1094d ago

What's ridiculous about it? I platinumed the game and loved the main guy, and think that the new one looks weird AF. Nothing wrong with voicing an opinion.

Shane Kim1094d ago

Because it takes nothing from the gameplay or story of the game.

ziggurcat1094d ago

"What's ridiculous about it? I platinumed the game and loved the main guy"

It's ridiculous because it's just a character model.

I also platinumed the game/loved the OG PP, and I don't care enough to whine about it.

Zega1094d ago Show
SyntheticForm1094d ago

I'm not really a fan of the new guy, but I don't have a problem with it either. I think it was unnecessary, but it's Insomniac's game and Insomniac's choice.

It's also only a face, and not a gameplay change.

RgR1094d ago

It does take away.
Those of us who played the regular version grew attached or at the very least comfortable with the new face of spiderman for the games.

There is a connection people make and a judgment that is made. The judgement based on the audience response was that this was a good spiderman.

However, now they have to face the reality that they decided to change the look of spiderman entirely in order to...something something.

When you look at the comparisons there is a stiffness in the new model...at least in what they've shown thus far. This affects the audience reaction to the story elements of the game. It can go from, "that looked great" to "Whats wrong with his face"

But like all things we will get used to the change.

ziggurcat1094d ago

"When you look at the comparisons there is a stiffness in the new model"

Only way to tell is seeing it in action. You can't base how "stiff" something is on a still image.

LMosche1094d ago Show
-Foxtrot1094d ago


There's a video

A full video of a scene from the game

He's stiff, and it's not as good as the original.

UnSelf1094d ago

You gamers dont deserve sh*t i swear

sampsonon1094d ago Show
RememberThe3571094d ago

I don't care what the "issue" is I'm not getting upset about an other mans face. Can't do it. Won't do it.

You know Soyn is loving all this free pub though. Worked for TLOU2, you can do it again! Remember the puddles? Fantastic marketing by gamers everywhere. Every time gamers make up a controversy for Sony games they cut their marketing budget half.

UltraNova1093d ago

I couldn't care less about this tbh. Hell, I prefer the new Peter over the OG.

S2Killinit1093d ago

But why the complaining? Thats the question.