China bans effeminate gender portrayal in video games

Video games in China will stop the effeminate gender portrayal after the ban from authorities who have said to restrict certain content to youth

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Kaii634d ago

Why not allow Individuals to present themselves as they are?
Chinese Mr: Winnie the pooh should step off his dictatorship throne, can't handle the Internet saying he looks like the character so they censor It from China's Internet.

Same Government that censored the Tiananmen Square protests and massacre of 1989, going off-topic massively but you didn't "just forget" who they were, right? Companies pursue the money at any cost, so changes will occur, as they always have occurred.

roadkillers633d ago

Same as Biden, forcing people to get vaccinated or lose their jobs. I guess, you need Eore when there's a Pooh

DeadManMMX633d ago

Not the same. The Chinese government black bags people. Don’t be a fool.

jartoon633d ago

These things are not even remotely comparable. Just stop, fool.

Count-Zero633d ago

Wow, that may be the most uneducated comparison that I've ever encountered lol

thecodingart632d ago

This is the dumbest comment I’ve read all month

CS7632d ago

Thanks for being wise.

Vaccine or lose your job is insane.

Imagine looking at the world and thinking: You know what we need? More segregation!

nitus10632d ago

What do you expect from the anti-vax crowd who clutch their pearls and scream "My freedoms" when they now appear to be over 95% of the COVID cases in the hospitals and if COVID does not kill them they now stand a good chance of having lung damage for life.

Biden has not mandated forced vaccination. If you don't want to get vaccinated for whatever reason you will be required to get weekly testing. This only applies to the federal government workers and any companies with over 100 members.

Maybe you should stop watching Faux News and other right wing news disinformation services.

BTW. I am an Australian and I am more aware of what Biden said than you appear to be.

SullysCigar632d ago

I can't believe there are people here that are on the one hand outraged at the censorship of videogames, but on the other will flat out defend the idea that people should lose their livelihoods unless they take a vaccine.

I think both things are wrong.

Some people aren't necessarily anti-vax, they're just hesitant this time due to the rushed circumstances surrounding it. That's their choice and personally I choose to respect that rather than ridicule it.

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aaronaton632d ago

They're not individuals though are they, they're fictional 3d characters created by humans.
I think people should just let China be, it's clear that they don't intend to align with core western values.
They're no way near as bad as any middle Eastern country.

-Foxtrot634d ago

Sad thing is people arselick China so much they will let things like this fly

If everyone came together, looked at alternatives (research them at least so they can make a move in the future) to things they rely on China for then they could finally get China to change eventually.

Zeref633d ago (Edited 633d ago )

Lol nobody "lets things fly" for china

We just can't do shit about what happens in China. As it should be. They have their own culture and way of life, we can't interfere with that nor should we as long as human lives aren't being abused.
Ex. If they wanna eat dogs for dinner, why should we stop that? as distasteful as that sounds to us, I'm sure there's plenty of things that we do that they find distasteful.

This idea that America or Europe should intervene with everything that goes on in other countries is stupid and is exactly what leads to conflict

HarryMasonHerpderp633d ago (Edited 633d ago )

Do the concentration camps in China containing uyghurs count as human lives being abused?
Maybe all of the shipments of uygurs hair in containers to America (which were rightfully rejected) counts as human lives being abused? Maybe the daily violation of basic human rights? maybe the Tiananmen Square Massacre where they opened fire on their own people? I guess you're right though we should be quiet and mind our own business! /s

Zeref633d ago (Edited 633d ago )


Nobody is talking about Uyguyrs here. Like I said as long as human lives aren't being abused.
Uygurs obviously fall under that category where we should interfere. That doesn't mean we should interfere with their culture as well.

Do they still teach reading comprehension in schools?

CorndogBurglar633d ago (Edited 633d ago )

It's not that we should interfere with their culture. But other countries all around the world bend over backwards to appease China's nonsense. They have strict rules in what can be shown in movies, for instance. So you get movies being censored, or just written a different way from the get-go because movie companies don't want to lose out on that China box office.

Not to mention the fact that so many products are manufactured in China and distributed out all around the world.

We may not have to abide by their government rules within their country, but until the rest of the world figures out an alternative to having everything produced in China, they are kind of at their mercy.

Foxtrot wasn't saying anything about interfering with China's government or culture. He was just saying what I just said. Until the rest of the world gets tired of relying on them for so many things, everyone will continue to bend over to them.

FinalFantasyFanatic633d ago


You pretty much have it right, the world gave China too much power, it really was a mistake to make it the sole manufacturer of almost everything in the modern world (even alot of movies are made with their help). It's an economic powerhouse and can afford to dictate and push around the other countries to some degree, look at how much they kicked up during the trade wars.

Zeref633d ago (Edited 633d ago )


Well the US controls plenty of things too, there's plenty of things in entertainment for example that need to bend to US rules as well as European rules. So why is it that you only critique China for it?

Aussiesummer633d ago

Says "nobody let's things fly for china"
Proceeds to defend china's cultural habits that led to a world wide pandemic.

CorndogBurglar632d ago

"Well the US controls plenty of things too, there's plenty of things in entertainment for example that need to bend to US rules as well as European rules. So why is it that you only critique China for it?"

Because we're talking about China, and not the US? Should I have mentioned every country that has rules around entertainment? That's ridiculous. And that isn't even what I'm debating with you.

Somehow, you took Foxtrot's comment to mean that we should interfere with their culture because we don't agree with it. That isn't what he said at all, and I was pointing that out.

My main argument is about how many countries of the world have put themselves in a position to rely on China to mass produce tons of products around the world. I really don't understand how you could take someone saying other countries of the world should figure something out and stop relying on China so much to mean we should invade their country and culture lol.

spwittbold632d ago

@Zeref hahahahaha you win dumbest post of the day. Gg

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AuraAbjure632d ago (Edited 632d ago )

As we all know, the USA heavily invested in Chinese child/forced labor in the 80's. That came after processed foods had some time to rot in Americans' intestines thereby severely depleting our people's life force. Fast forward 40 years, now we're investing in Chinese biowarfare facilities in Wuhan, not just in their cheap forced labor.

Interesting how a proper diet makes one immune to basically all disease, natural or engineered.

Ahytys629d ago

Let the Chinese change china, if they ever will want to. You have no fucking right to tell them what to think

crazyCoconuts633d ago

So as the West retires our manly gaming heros of yore for the more modern woke variety, China swoops in to give our old friends a home? The surprises never cease..

CosmicTurtle633d ago

Censorship cheerleader, CrazyCoconuts.

crazyCoconuts633d ago

You saying I'm pro-censorship based on my comment is about as logical as me saying that you're anti-cheerleader based on yours

Rainbowcookie632d ago

The whole world llve it or not is full of censorship...the lack thereof is but a myth and true freedom a mere illusion. If we cry dictatorship when it comes to decisions , but we dictate to others a moral standard diverse to ourselves , how are we different.

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chronoforce632d ago (Edited 632d ago )

More like swoops in to suffocate them to death while they sleep and then burn the bodies so they never get up again. There is probably nothing worse to the Chinese government than the archetype of the western hero, going about threating to "liberate" your country.

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Duke19633d ago

So absurd. China continues to move backwards

gerbintosh633d ago (Edited 633d ago )

Umm, the president said he wants to get back to the roots of communism that Mao was using in the 1950s. So yeah, they are going backwards

PapaBop632d ago

Well it's certainly not moving things forward.

The Wood632d ago

I'm not sure what some westerners want. We want rid of 'wokeness' yet label China's push back against it as backwards... people are confused.

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CDbiggen633d ago (Edited 633d ago )

Without doubt China is an authoritarian nightmare state, but between them and the West on who's gonna be more rich and powerful in the coming decades, all my money is on them.

Duke19633d ago

Oh we’re all screwed in the long run. I imagine the west will soon adopt many of the absurd enforced censorship laws that the Chinese government is coming up with right now

The Wood632d ago

You wanna see censorship.... check YouTube and every other western based social media provider. People are getting their rights taken away from underneath us whilst we're focused of things elsewhere. The control levels are for more overreaching than we care to acknowledge.

aaronaton632d ago

I'd rather live in China than the middle East, and anywhere in Africa for that matter.