PlayStation Showcase reaction: is Sony back?

This week the team discusses all the big announcements from last night'.

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AspiringProGenji38d ago

Exactly. Sony never leaves unlike my father

Bathyj37d ago

Man I've got such a good response to that but I'll probably get banned.

Army_of_Darkness37d ago

Can you imagine if they did actually leave?! We'd be stuck gaming between switch and Xbox series!! 😱😭 Gaming would be kinda sad...

PS-Gamer-198637d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Without sony we would have to choose between playing games on age old hardware vs playing half @$$ed gaas games on a rental service.

I wouldn't want neither of these as my primary gaming solution.

This would turn me into a pc gamer in no time.

Aloymetal37d ago

That'll be depressing. I will have to find another hobby quick.

bamillington36d ago

😅😅😅 29315;ponies are funny

AmUnRa37d ago

That was also my first tought, Sony has never been gone....they had a difficult time at the start of the PS3, but they where never gone...

seanpitt2338d ago

Very lacklustre in my opinion.. if you don’t like superhero games your screwed.. GOW looked ok but it’s on last gen so it wasn’t a showstopper plus no last of us multiplayer that was a let down..

Nyxus38d ago

Personally I liked Forspoken and Project Eve, both aren't superhero games.

Outside_ofthe_Box38d ago

I've never seen people say they don't like "superhero" stuff until this showcase. Weird.

blackblades38d ago

He's just a troll trying to trigger people

SCW198238d ago

I think you can thank Disney for that honestly, I am so burnt out on DC and Marvel. That being said I just saw Shang Chi and although I found it not funny at all the martial arts take on Marvel was a breath of fresh air.

Father__Merrin37d ago

They don't like it because it's not on thier system. They are now in extreme pain and misery and are just typing things to quell thier inside fanboyism...

Sitdown37d ago

You got to get out more, I know plenty of people who don't care about any of the marvel movies. They only vibe with dramas and things they consider real. Sucks to be them.

Outside_ofthe_Box37d ago

I meant in regards to video games and among gamers.

ArthriticPowers37d ago

Arkam Asylum and City are the only too comic book games I've ever cared for. Liked the gritty backdrop. Spiderman is obviously a
top quality game.....just feels way, way too sterile for me. Now a new "Spawn" game......that's something I could see myself enjoying.

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MrDead38d ago

I know even though they had 18 trailers and only 3 were superhero games, that means your screwed if you don't like superhero games.

SCW198238d ago

So in a lot of ways I agree with what you are saying. But I feel the main reason why it was kind of lackluster for me is because over the last generation I have really noticed my taste in gaming has changed quite a bit. Will I still play the games and have fun, absolutely. But nothing has me as excited in this presentation as when they showed the Elden Ring trailer.

TheTony31637d ago (Edited 37d ago )

As someone who doesn't really care for Marvel there was still enough for me. GoW, Project Eve, KOTOR and GT7.

Darkborn37d ago

What if I told you all Xbox games are on last Gen with a 4 TF console as base? Apparently TF counts all day against ps5, but as soon as you mention the Series S, TF isn't a factor.

TheTony31637d ago (Edited 37d ago )

TFs are just marketing bs. Most PC hardware sites don't even include tflop counts in their GPU reviews and if they do, it's just a side mention. Their primary focus is on clock speeds, temperatures, cooling, noise, memory and power consumption.

Good-Smurf37d ago

Really I don't like superhero games as well...except if its Wolverine.
It was a one two punch with Wolverine then Gran Turismo 7 that was my highlight of the show.
Very hyped with both.

derek37d ago

Seanpitt23 your opinion stinks. Lol

CrimsonWing6937d ago

Right, because nothing else was shown… I can’t tell if you’re trolling.

dbcoops37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

There were non-superhero games, that's a lackluster excuse.

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darkrider38d ago

But they leave when? Until now they got zero competition. Next Gen is being even better for them then last gen with the record breaking ps4....

Iltapalanyymi37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Could have been better, there wasnt a single wow moment for me and most of the games i was interested in we’ve seen already. So much capeshit i wanted to gauge my eyes out.

kimbomma137d ago

3 out of 18 trailers being superhero IPs = "so much"?

derek37d ago

Everything with these youtubers is couched in terms of the phony social media conversation.

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