Platinum says it’s ‘proud’ of Bayonetta 3 and ‘wants to show it’

PlatinumGames has provided an update on Bayonetta 3 development as the wait continues for a public reveal, and told fans: “there’s no need to worry”.

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VersusDMC37d ago

Getting people to buy an OLED switch then releasing a Switch 2 next year?

Seems shitty but i doubt the outrage would be that loud...because it comes from Nintendo.

Yui_Suzumiya37d ago

I hope there's a Switch Lite with an OLED screen

RedDevils37d ago

Because they care about their fans /s

UnSelf37d ago

this should be on no other systems except the ps5 smh

Asuka37d ago

Are we still complaining about this?

TheColbertinator37d ago

Apparently they are still on it. Those foolish slobs.

Amplitude37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

I do wish it wasn't Switch exclusive.
Bayo 1 and 2 ran wonderfully on Switch but I'm still cautious going into any switch game now.

Still recovering a bit from Deadly Premonition 2. ...still waiting and dying for a playable version of it.
Wonderful 101 and No More Heroes 3 as well. I've wasted so much money buying switch games day one only to have them run at 5-20fps at 720p or less.
Goooootta be cautious with this system

Tapani37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

I agree. While Nintendo's own teams are good at coding and creating for it stable 60fps 720p/1080p experiences, other teams are not or don't have the time.

For example, a relatively simple indie game such as Children of Morta, runs horribly on Switch. There has to be some sort of memory leak or something, but the audio starts to crackle and fps drops to its teens. Plus the game sometimes gets stuck on loading screens after clearing a level. We love the game with my wife, but personally I can't handle the pressure of doing a 45min dungeon together in which at the end of it we are thinking "should we quit now so that we don't lose the gold, exp and story progression, or should we take a risk by continuing clearing the level while hoping it doesn't crash?"

There are couple of games I already know are like that on the switch... I think the system would benefit of an upgrade to the latest nvidia tegra chip. Give it more memory, better battery, larger screen, and most of all a faster and more efficient APU with DLSS.

bangoskank37d ago

Platimum knows Project Eve is stealing their thunder.

NeoGamer23237d ago

Project Eve looks like Bayonetta. But it did not look nearly as good as Bayonetta.

I do wish Bayonetta 3 would ship on the other consoles though. I loved the original and played it on both 360 and PS3. Would love to see both sequels make their way to PC, XB, and PS.

bangoskank37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Agreed. Also the protagonist doesn't have a fraction of the personality Bayonetta has. The game is visually impressive and looks fun though. Funny how Platinum is now excited to show Bayonetta after sitting on it for years. I love Bayonetta but my interest in it has started to wane. Hopefully what Platinum has to show is impressive. To be honest, current gen is spoiling the hell out of me and I'm playing much less Switch because of it. Breath of the Wild 2 may be an exception because it's art style ages well.

NeoGamer23237d ago

Ya, I loved Bayonetta and Vanquish. Though Platinum Games was a rising star.

But ever since it has been mostly downhill in my feelings towards them. As soon as they said Bayonetta 2 was Wii U exclusive a piece of me died inside. All the power to them. But for me, I buy Switch for the Nintendo first party exclusives. Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, etc. I like third party games on PS, XB, and PC because those machines have real graphical capabilities.

VersusDMC37d ago

Kinda...but Project Eve still has that new studio jank going on. By jank i mean lack of polish. Still more hyped for Bayonetta 3.

Even if Bayonetta 3 still looks like Bayo 1 and 2 I'm still all in. Will probably rent it though.

bangoskank37d ago

Not thrilled about Tencent's stake in Platinum either so I'm kind of biased. Not sure if I'll be playing Bayo anymore. It's a shame because I really like the IP.

SullysCigar37d ago

Came here to say the same thing. It looks like a next gen Bayonetta - and for all the right reasons.

Prubar37d ago

Lol oh no. It’s Bayonetta inspired for sure but right from the get go it’s lacking in style and mechanics compared to platinum proper. Platinum always has the extra edge compared to most characters action games that’s easily recognizable. Like I knew Astral Chain was a Platinum game before they announced it at the end of the trailer. This seems more like what Ninja Blade was to Ninja Gaiden.

pensamientosmerodean37d ago

Gameplay wise it looks like bayo, but style and art design wise... it lacks identity.

gamer780437d ago

Exactly what I was thinking I have bought bayonetta like 3x and love it but project eve looks visually stunning. Bayonetta might end up being a better game but it won’t look as impressive while it’s under Nintendo unfortunately. I wish it would come back to Xbox and PlayStation as well as switch. I’ll be picking I up project eve for sure.

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CDbiggen37d ago

Look forward to seeing it.

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