How Playstation Blew Away The Competition At Their Showcase On BJ Shea's Geek Nation On KISW FM

For their latest segment on BJ Shea’s Geek Nation on KISW FM; the Rev and Gareth at Skewed and Reviewed discuss the recent Playstation Showcase and the masterful way they built to their big reveals.

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darkrider40d ago

Funny that this news isn't on top... The reality is much difficult to accept. And Sony just show us game from some studios... Not even half of what they have....

thesoftware73040d ago

I dint listen to it, just read the title.

Nonsense..they absolutely did not blow away anything or anyone.

Good show tho..looking forward to a few of those titles.

Garethvk40d ago

I think many would dispute that as social media lit up with their announcements and their reactions and have not seen anything MS or Nintendo announced that generated the same response in recent weeks.

z2g40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

that's debatable. it was great if you like those subjects...mostly superheroes. not a big superhero guy here... lets also not forget that a big chunk of that stuff is Multiplatform.

Of the PS exclusives, only GOW really grabbed me. I could care less about Spiderman or Wolverine stuff. I'm really burned out on the Marvel stuff and all that stuff is multiplat anyway.

I didn't really feel most of the stuff shown was really that diverse, new or groundbreaking. kinda just more of the same but with better graphics etc. There wasn't really anything new, innovative or clever. GhostWire was def one of the coolest things shown imo but that's also multiplat. I love racing games/sims and GT7 looked gorgeous, but I also know as a racing fan that Gran Turismo hasn't been up to the task compared to the competition for the last few cycles, but I'm cautiously optimistic.

I'm sure it was great for those who love marvel and and comic books etc, but for me I have zero interest in that. I used to love how crazy and out there Sony would get with their games. They were always doing the coolest, weirdest, creative stuff and I didn't see much of that at all anymore. What I saw was a company safely leaning into known IPs and franchises, which is not the bold, daring and adventurous Playstation I fell in love with years ago... 6.5/10 imo.

purple10140d ago

Two points to counter.

Marvel Spider-Man and wolverine will be sony exclusives as they are insomniac developed. (Sony studio)

Gt7. Go play Nuremberg ring on forza. Then on gt sport.

The physics of totally different Forza feels like arcade and on GT sport you can feel every bump in the road,

Yes they haven't had dynamic weather, I know so that's a big tick for Forza. But in terms of close racing thrills and physics of the cars, it's not even close..

Also I'm sure they are holding back at least 2-3 games here. We've heard nothing from naughty dog for a while...etc.

Traecy40d ago

Blew away the competition indeed.