Alan Wake Remastered PS5 File Size Clocks in at 27GB, Pre-Load Date Revealed

The Alan Wake Remastered PS5 file size clocks in at 27GB, which isn't all that bad. This is without any day one patch accounted for.

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CaptainHenry91638d ago (Edited 38d ago )

If you haven't played Alan Wake before then I highly recommend it. Awesome game. At the time the game looked great on my old PC. I had a gtx 980 I think at the time 🤔 The PC version came out 2 years later after the Xbox version

ocelot0737d ago

Pc version came out in 2012 so you are correct about that. But I imagine you maybe had a gtx 680 or a 580 at the time? As the 980 didn't release until 2015 unless that's when you played it?

But in anycase I have had a it for years on pc but never actually played it 😬. Not sure weather to jump in now or get the remaster next month.

CaptainHenry91637d ago (Edited 37d ago )

I'm sure you're right. I really can't remember it could have been a 680 but I do remember I didn't play it in 2012. I played it in late 2013 because I got the GTX 980 in 2015. It was getting good reviews from Steam users so I gave it a shot and I loved the game. Yeah maybe it was a 680. Nvidia with these numbers lol. I always bought the high end cards from Nvidia and now I got the RTX 3080 lol

TheRealTedCruz37d ago

Yeah. I was running two 680s at the time of the PC release.

ocelot0736d ago

I was a AMD/ATI user back in 2012 good old 7870. Lasted until around 2015 when I got my self a GTX 970.

isarai38d ago

I'm excited to play it, it always looked interesting. Just didn't own a 360 at the time, and honestly was kinda turned off by the fact that it changed so much from it's initial reveal. But still looked cool.

porkChop37d ago

If they do a sequel I'd love them to go back to the original open world idea with the destructive weather and all that. It sounded really cool.

ufo8mycat37d ago

Lazy "remaster"

This remaster looks more like a typical PS4 game, that is fine for the PS4 version, but this game is also releasing on PS5 & Series X, and this remaster definitely doesn't fit those standards.

Hellcat202037d ago

It's $30
What did you really expect?

DafunkyRebel37d ago

Alan Wake is an absolute gem, it's a shame it never got bigger and a sequel. I hope Remedy works on a sequel on next gen and make it as incredible as they possibly can

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