Home Launch Date Announced

Electronic Theatre SONY Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCE) today announced that its highly anticipated PlayStation Home Beta service for PLAYSTATION3 will become available for all PS3 users around the world on December 11th, 2008...

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pwnsause3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

and here we go, just in time..

chaosatom3598d ago

Jumped off the building.

pupu3598d ago

They have to offer FREE crappy programs like home to try and lure in some more PStards FACT!

As my big brother pp mentioned below, don't expect any big numbers this Christmas, PS3rd place will reign supreme at the bottom of the barrel as usual CONFIRMED!

Oner3598d ago

BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Where you at Mart? Huh? What happened to this post you made just 2 days ago!?!?!

"Home really is vaporware, it truly is."

And my reply

"You seem to have the incorrect meaning of the word. As I, along with THOUSANDS of other PS owners are actually using Home so that does not denote "vaporware". You have stated this before and I have made it clear that once before also...but it seems the "uninformed fanboy" in you clouds your judgment and makes you biased so I am only wasting my time on you but making my time worth it to inform others properly."

Oh man this is TOO easy!

MAiKU3597d ago

Hey PP! Guess what!? it's better than getting an announcement about RROD!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

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xhi43598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

for 2 weeks..................LOL

FaSeCeX3598d ago

2 wks longer than me =/
i hope this is true..just finished my semester so i have all the time in the world for it..minus wen im @ work haha

chewy3173598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

finally psn is now better than xbox live!!

For users accessing PlayStation Home in the SONY Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) regions, themed virtual environments will be available to explore. Starting with a themed Far Cry 2 space, PlayStation Home will offer game inspired environments that allow people to discuss the specific games, plan strategies and access content and clues that will enhance the gaming experience. The number of gaming environments such as this will regularly increase, with spaces for Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Warhawk, Motorstorm and SOCOM following very soon. SCEE is working with leading publishers such as: Electronic Arts, UBISOFT, Midway, Sega and ATARI to create engaging environments that will provide users with an on-going gaming experience.

cod4 space plz =)

Chicken Chaser3598d ago

Better than xbox live? what?
you gotta be pretty young to find this virtual world so amusing

I wished people started playing and beating games ..instead of dancing and stalking people in a fake world

ughh lame

gta28003598d ago

I was an exclusive member for one day! haha. I got my beta code today that I should have gotten the day November's Qore came out. No worries though. I got hooked on HOME the moment I stepped into the plaza and I felt that more people would make it more fun so I'm glad I'm gonna see a ton more people by tomorrow. Hope they don't hog the pool tables lol.

Fishy Fingers3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

"you gotta be pretty young to find this virtual world so amusing "

Why? Social networking sites/hubs such as Second Life tend to have a more adult audience/following, the PS3 also has on average the oldest buying demographic.

I'm not quite sure what your point is, Home is for people who like social networks, having a chat, meeting new people and so on. You don't have to be young to enjoy it, I'm 26 and I us it often. Meet quite a few new PSN friends through Home.

Not everyone enjoys doing exactly the same things, pull your head out of your ass and wise up to what you like isn't the case for everyone. Ironic really that someone using a social website would call using a social network... "lame".

arika3598d ago

cheers to every ps3 owner and see you at home soon. o btw there are a lot of free stuff(like hats, clothes and resorts) at home so get it while you can. enjoy! can't wait to tell my brother. very nice.

chaosatom3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Like for real.

EDIT: wow it is real.

lets have a bubble party, where everyone gives me bubbles. :)

winlonghorn3598d ago

Wow lol, that was kinda short wasn't it? lol. :) Oh well, they finally are releasing it for everyone. It is about time. :D

fishd3598d ago

Now imagine if they reveal Team ICO's new game in Home,tomorrow


Chicken Chaser3598d ago

Thanks for proving my point fishy

Its a nice addition to people that like 3d social networks..most likely young people ..or lonely people with no social life that find excitement in playing a virtual world..likely because real life is boring for them.... a normal person that needs to talk should just use a phone or AIM...this seems popular along younger people..hey its nothing to be ashamed

anyways ..if PS3 has the oldest buying are going to see a lot of people not using this after a week or two

oh and using a "social website" has nothing to do with a 3D social network application for games ...i don't think i have to create my self and edit a fake apartment ..then go to the fake mall ..get some wifi just to post my opinion in here


resistanceFAILofman3598d ago

I got bored just creating my xbox avatard with the minimal of effect ... can you imagine who quickly anyone over 13 is going get bored with HOME?

Chicken's comments were in response to PSN being better than Live ... How HOME does that I don't know ... xbox live and HOME are two completly different things....

phosphor1123598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

TOMORROW >_< GRRRR AND ITS ONLY 5:27 AM so itll be forever before I can get to it =[

Oh, and are you talking about? The PS3 DOES have the oldest buyer & user demographic. Also, you honestly just sound jealous, I'm not even kidding. It just sounds like you are trying to making us sound like we are 13 for liking a 3D social environment instead of going to "Recently Played" list on XBL. I have friends, I have a job, I go to school full time, so trying to render a potential Home user as "someone who has no friends" is well...f*cking stupid.

ProperFunked3598d ago

im kind of excited now, hopefully a good demo update as well on thursday

SL1M DADDY3598d ago

Can't wait until tomarrow. I have been looking forward to this for a while.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3598d ago

Thanks SONY;) Bring on 2009 now ;-P
I can't wait;)

felidae3598d ago


PSN will never be better than XBox Live, sorry

Amnesiac3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I found this picture of you! Quit now, you might not be able to get out.

Nineball21123598d ago

Eh, maybe... maybe not.

But does it really matter to you if PSN does become better than Live?

Anyways, we'll all finally get to see how Home shakes out.

Will it become as big as Sony hopes it will?
Will it be half empty in 3 months time?

I think it'll be somewhere in between but I think it's going to be successful.

I, for one, am very happy Sony is going this route. A free (for users) interactive interface.

I think it's brilliant if it works because they are going to be able to raise revenue from third party advertising in Home rather than charge a monthly fee to users.

The wait is over! At least for Home. ;-)

Kaneda3598d ago

Of course there will be more people at first. Gamers will want to check it out. Home will not replace actual games you want to play. But it is an add-on to your PS3 experience.

PS3 FTW3598d ago

I've been in the Home beta .98 since the summer so I hope they give me something special for all the feedback I gave them

rockleex3598d ago

Are you guys REALLY that clueless to what Home is ACTUALLY all about?

I see so many people posting comments on Home articles all the time about how they think its a waste of time and effort to buy apartments and play dress up doll in Home.

After THIS MANY ARTICLES about Home, you still don't understand what the hell Home is all about? It just proves your ignorance.

Oh look! I can customize my characters in Oblivion and dress them however I want! That must mean Oblivion is basically a Barbie game!! Yay for Barbies! -_-"

Stubacca3598d ago

Dude. You are alone. You are lacking in many agrees for your comments. You need to just accept that Home is something new and exiting for many people. Like Fishy, I'm 26 too and really like the idea of meeting up for a brief chat before jumping into LBP, MGO or Warhawk.

Whether I use it or not, I'm glad it's there. You sound pathetic going on about it mate! No PS3 owner got bent outta shape because of XBE or whatever. I wonder why...

Merry Christmas, fellow PS3 owners.

kwicksandz3598d ago

PSN down for unscheduled maintenance December 11

Elimin83597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Yeah! In For About 3 Months. Anyway good news for all.

funkysolo3597d ago

PSN is free and i get to play online with my freinds. Home is a social network and now you xbox fans say,it's for young kids, but yet you want to chat cross game and meet people on xbox live, I guess you have double standards....I don't care about home, xbox live avatars, cross game chat(I hate talking to people while I'm trying to play a game period, unless we are in the same team........All I want is to be able to send a message to a friend and play online, it's simple all that other sh1t is for little girls....If you need to talk to someone why not just pickup the phone and call them and save $50 a year hahahahahaha

Jessica Alba3597d ago

PS3 owners (including me) are having an early Christmas.

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lonix3598d ago

they didnt get our hopes up 4 nothing

n4gzz3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

well, I was not excited until now ('coz my anticipation was dead in beginning of the year when they delayed it) but i am excited as soon as I saw that announcement headline. Lets hope, it will give us better online gaming experience.

edit: I will not even try to download for couple of days 'coz I know how chaotic it gets.