The Nioh franchise has sold over 6 million copies worldwide

Team Ninja: "The Nioh franchise has sold over 6 million copies worldwide now!"

FallenAngel1984631d ago

At 6 million NiOh is on the cusp of nearly outselling Ninja Gaiden’s 6.8 million with just only 2 titles under its belt

This could mean Team Ninja may see no reason to return to producing new NG games

CaptainHenry916631d ago

But what if a new Ninja Gaiden sells well?

FallenAngel1984631d ago (Edited 631d ago )

The latest Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection had sold 240,000 units worldwide at last count

Unfortunately that may not be as high enough a number to convince Team Ninja to also commit to continuing Ninja Gaiden alongside Dead or Alive and NiOh.

And when they aren’t working on those they’re focused on licensed properties like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order and Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.

I wish I were wrong but that may be how Tecmo Koei sees it. Hopefully they prove me wrong and produce Ninja Gaiden 4 at some point

Yi-Long631d ago

To be fair, does anyone still trust Team Ninja with Ninja Gaiden*?

Let’s be honest here, it was Itagaki who created Ninja Gaiden greatness, with NG1, NG Black (improved version of NG1), and Ninja Gaiden 2.

The Sigma versions of 1 & 2, done without Itagaki, while decent/good, never lived up to the originals, and NG3 was a mess.

And they half-assed the collection, so many huge fans of the series never bothered picking that up.

I’d be excited if Itagaki would announce a return to the action ninja genre. If Team Ninja would announce a NG4, I’d be skeptical.

To be fair, Team Ninja DID show they’re still capable of releasing greatness with the Nioh games, but with Ninja Gaiden, without Itagaki, they have never been able to reach the quality of NG Black again.

(* … does anyone still trust them with the DOA games, for that matter … !? )

deadfrag631d ago (Edited 631d ago )

Things are not seen from that stand point.Ninja Gaiden Never had a game produced for PS4 or Xbox One from the ground up.Nioh sold 6 milion because exposure and Marketing are way bigger this days than they were on PS3 and Xbox 360 generation.The Ninja Gaiden collection was never going to sell much since theres nothing new on them,this collection is actually worse to what was already available on Xbox 360 and can be play by BC on any Xbox One console.Ninja Gaiden needs a new game that shows new stuff and that gets backed in the marketing like Nioh.This collection games have already been played by anyone that likes Ninja Gaiden years ago it didnt bring nothing new to the table it was obvious that it would not sell very well.

ocelot07631d ago

That's great and it's now free on the epic game store.

FinalFantasyFanatic630d ago

I just picked it up a couple of hours ago, it was a nice surprise to see it there.

jznrpg631d ago

Well made games glad they did well .

Brazz631d ago

they deserve this, Nioh is a amazing game. Hopefully they will expand and make a more ambitious game and have even more sales.