God of War Ragnarok Thor and New Characters First Look

God of War Ragnarok shows off Thor and other new characters in first look character posters! Putting names to the Norse faces we'll see next year, along with the actor doing the voice work for each.

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CobraKai130d ago

Apparently there’s people who don’t like that Thor is “fat”. He may not have a 6 pack, but the dude looks like he can destroy mountains and that’s all I need.

zacfoldor130d ago

I think that design is incredible, lol.

Bathyj130d ago

Exactly. If they just tried do a generic MCU Thor ripoff without being MCU then it would just come off as B Grade like the Avengers game.

Eonjay129d ago

It's End Game Thor and I love it! 😆

Atticus_finch130d ago

People will find anything to whine about.
The design is very fitting since that's how world strongest man contestants look like.

Alex_vance21130d ago

Do you realize that people in strong man competitions would be horrible performing in any other sport because to be that bulky and overweight would be a detriment to the sport. There is a reason people in strong man competitions only compete in strength competitions because being fat and large like that would slow you down. Thor does not have to have a six back, but a muscular build would make more sense than a fat one since being that bulky would slow you down in a real fight. If Thor is fat, no wonder kratos will easily kill him.

Atticus_finch130d ago

Do you also realize that it is a work of fiction so it doesn't matter. Stop whining.

Alex_vance21130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

@Atticus_finch, you do realize the irony of your response. You just commented about how realistic Thor being fat is since people in strong man competitions are bulky and fat. I just poked a hole in your perceived realism. Now you are saying it doesn't matter if it is realistic or not since it's fiction. After I just explained how Thor being fat is in unrealistic. That is a good example of irony if I have ever seen one.

Atticus_finch130d ago

You're whole argument is fat people aren't athletic before we even know how Thor fights.
I'm explaining why a strong character would have that look and why it doesn't even matter.
Okay keep whining.

PS-Gamer-1986130d ago

A guy who can probably fly and controls lighting would likely not be limited by his bodily appearance

Alex_vance21129d ago

Why would Thor be fat? The Norse myth never says explicitly that Thor is fat, just that he enjoyed food and drink. As well as drank most of an ocean. Did you play assassin's Creed Valhalla. Assassin's Creed valhalla depicts Vikings as like to feast. However Viking warriors enjoy food and drink, but are fit and muscular because they are constantly in battle. The Viking civilians on the other hand are fat because they do not exercise as much because they are not warriors in combat. Thor on the other hand is the god of thunder, and he is constantly in battle against the Giants. Thor could easily work off all the food and drink he consumes and be fit and muscular. Not to mention I like many others do not play games for realism like realistic bodies or characters, I play games to immerse myself and do things I would not normally do. Therefore, I prefer characters who are fit or have unrealistic proportions.

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porkChop130d ago

Those same people probably think Thor is supposed to look like the Avenger. Thor is fat. He's always been fat in Norse mythology. One of his passions is eating.

victorMaje130d ago

Though I don’t have any issues with how he looks I didn’t know that, thank you.

Ron_Danger130d ago

I think those people might think marvel created Thor. They have no clue the original mythology. He drinks enough sea water (thinking it’s beer) to lower the ocean level. Mimir even makes fun of him for being fat in the previous GoW.

Or maybe the people hoping for a buff toned version have some closeted issues they need to address.

Ron_Danger130d ago

How was there a double post? Come on internet 🙄

Ron_Danger130d ago

I think those people might think marvel created Thor. They have no clue the original mythology. He drinks enough sea water (thinking it’s beer) to lower the ocean level. Mimir even makes fun of him for being fat in the previous GoW.

hotnickles130d ago

Great myth! Almost as good as when he put on a wedding dress and pretended to be Freya when they promised her hand to a giant. Then he killed everyone in the room after eating all of their food.

excaliburps130d ago

That's the thing. People think six pack equals strength. No it does not. You have to diet, take out water, etc.

Have you seen the best fighters in MMA? Most aren't jacked but just regular looking dudes.

Timzster130d ago

Thor's been depicted as an oaf and easily prone to Loki's tricks in Norse mythology. The Marvel version just made him appear heroic in mainstream media, but it was a nice nod in the MCU when he became depressed and got fat following Thanos and the Snap.

Looks can be deceiving. The one we're getting in GoW Ragnarok looks like someone not to be trifled with.

hotnickles130d ago

Thor was seen as heroic. I believe he was worshiped as the god of the common man and he was certainly the champion of Asgard even though he was dimwitted and “robust”. He was more like hulk than marvel Thor haha

Patanu130d ago

I mean Baldur was a toothpick compared to Kratos and he was still bad ass. So I wonder more on how Thor is going to look in combat?

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Nakiro130d ago

Thor is not a handsome shredded Australian with a 6 pack and a long blonde flowing hair? Hard pass.

CobraKai130d ago

Like Thor, girls tell me that all the time.

Duke19130d ago

Oddly enough, "Mjollnir" translates to Diabetes

RaidenBlack130d ago

So ... umm, during fight scenes ...
Will there be belly jiggle physics?
Just curious.

Eonjay129d ago

Oh hell yes. Make it happens.

Hofstaderman130d ago

It's Thor Avengers End Game

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