PlayStation Showcase 2021: 5 Things I Loved and 3 Things I Hated

COG says: The PlayStation Showcase highlighted a wide array of amazing games, including exclusives and new trailers for already anticipated titles. The show was excellent but left us wanting in a few areas.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

It was a very good show in my opinion. It's still baffles me that people make such a big deal about games coming to PS4. If you look at past generations, it takes at least 2 years to completely leave the previous gen behind, this gen probably even more so because of the pandemic. There are still a lot of people who can't get a PS5, so they think it's a good idea to keep supporting the PS4 for now. I don't think it's holding PS5 games back because they're not tying to make both versions equal. The PS5 versions will clearly take advantage of the superior hardware.

And don't get me wrong... I'm not saying I like it, I'm just saying I can understand why they're doing it. But to hear people knock the PS5 as not having exclusives because there's a PS4 version also... I don't know, it's not like the games are on XBOX or anything. They're still Playstation exclusives. For me as a Playstation fan, the competitor is the XBOX not our little brother the PS4, well technically the PS4 is older but you know what I mean...

But yeah apparently this really bothers some people. Me personally, I'm okay with it for now and I understand the PS5 is just starting and there will be plenty of big PS5 "only" games down the road.

Nakiro84d ago

I think part of the issue is that people expect a generational shift that we've had before and I think we're just done with that. PS4 is a powerful machine so the restrictions that developers had on PS2 for example are all gone.

The games are not going to get a lot more complex from this point forward. They will just look, feel or run better. Now it comes down to the artists and writers to bring out the most out of games.

Ratchet and Clank is perhaps the best example of using the latest hardware with the rifts but even without that game would have worked out just fine.
Not saying we won't see some games push the new consoles but I think it will be few and far in-between.

We're way past cross-gen being a gameplay limitation. It's mostly visual at this point. You can already tell because right now a lot of focus is going into things like ray-tracing, 4k and smooth 60FPS.

Sonic-and-Crash84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

for my tastes i didnt like the Marvel games....just that ...i dont like superheroes and generally and a lot of fanbase doesnt like the childish Marvel domination over media....(we have Spiderman 1 and that s enough they r making GGalaxy , Spider 2 , Wolverine etc im going to puke

Sony is making a mistake investing so much in Marvel

EvertonFC84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

Totally agree, said it before the ps5 and series X came out it would be mainly getting the 60fps, 4k, load times and RT with a small jump in gfx.
Its mainly gonna be texture improvements on distant objects, particle effects, character detail etc.

Nakiro84d ago

Sony isn't making the Guardians of the Galaxy game.

CantThinkOfAUsername84d ago

@Sonic-and-Crash yeah, Sony is making a mistake investing in their money printers.

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EvertonFC84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

"it's still baffles me that people make such a big deal about games coming to PS4. If you look at past generations, it takes at least 2 years to completely leave the previous gen behind"

I know right, it's always been the same. I don't get it either same with remakes amd remasters etc, same with a price hike on games like any TV sub, or broadband contract etc etc.
Imo gaming's never been so cheap, just pre ordered FIFA £64 and got £6 OFF for getting EA play for a month( 2 games I wanna play) bought greek, golf club wastelands, hades and oxenfree all for £99 bargain.
So 7 games for £99 all great.
Off topic end rant 😂🤣

Nakiro84d ago

The problem is not the price of games, plenty of great games are at $10 during sales.

Problem is people want to play brand new games right when they come out for cheap. It's what I call an early adopter tax.

I used to buy games brand new quite often and then they just sat around because I was playing something else at the time and by the time I got to them they were on sale for over 50%. I have since stopped buying new games unless I intend to play them right away which is like one or two in the whole year.

Profchaos84d ago

Same I don'tind I have a ps5 I'd love to see more games take advantage of the hardware and I dislike games like the crysis trilogy targeting PS4 and using backwards compatibility to promote the game as a ps5 game.

However games that are designed for both don't bother me I have a lot of friends who have no intention of moving to the ps5 in the next year and probably won't for another two years I like that they can still play the same games regardless of graphical settings

VersusDMC84d ago

If you compare the non crossgen games of the first 2-3 years of the PS4 to the cross gen games of PS5 everyone would choose the PS5 games.

It's crazy that people complain about the cross gen games...but maybe they really liked knack or Killzone Shadowfall?🤷‍♂️

jBlakeeper84d ago

It will hold back the games a little because you have to develop to accommodate the lowest performing consoles. Graphically, you won’t see much of a difference because of cross gen but it’s more so in the performance and number of things going on onscreen.

And I somewhat agree on the exclusive thing, but us PS gamers shell out money for the new console on the impression that these huge exclusives like GOW will be next gen and fully take advantage of the new hardware. But it is in the best interest of most gamers right now.

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Elda84d ago

For the first PS5 showcase I thought it was the best video game showcase so far for 2021. E3 2021 nor Gamescom 2021 could come for Sony's showcase.

chiefJohn11784d ago

Outside if Gow2 which we already knew and graphically looks like gow add on. And wolverine what you like most?

Nakiro84d ago

Graphics can only go up to a certain point.

The game looked absolutely amazing and you saying it looks like God of War just adds to how amazing of a visual achievement that first game was.

VersusDMC84d ago

So what looks better than GOW2 right now in your opinion? A case can be made for Horizon 2 but not counting that.

TheDoomedGuy84d ago

Well for one God of War 2 looked far superior. The sheer number of enemies on screen at once is so much higher. Or am I the only one who noticed? Graphically it looks sharper much sharper than the first God of War. The animations look even more over the top ala the previous god of wars. Its not just an addon...unless you feel that every halo game was just an add on. Because those games definitely do feel and play that way.

I liked the announcment of KOTOR personally. I didnt know about this prior to the stream so it was a mindblowing announcement. ONly other time ive been mindblown like this was watching keanu reeves on stage.
Spiderman 2 featuring Venom was also amazing. So look it at it this way. Next year its horizon and god of war mixed in with a bunch of others im sure. The following year you have at least spiderman 2, probably much more.

Those few announcements was enough to make it a great show. And sony knows this and thats why they still hide shit to show for later.

I perosnally still am looking forward to what xbox has in store...fable, avowed and perfect dark.

Lexreborn284d ago

I could care less about a ps5 version being on PS4 as well. As long as the 5 version is better overall and not the same game in performance and execution I’m cool with it. They make decisions on games that wouldn’t work on PS4 like Returnal and Ratchet. And a game like Horizon and GoW which started their designs on 4 doesn’t bother me.

Heck the difference between MM on PS4 and PS5 was pretty significant. Loading was buttery smooth, graphics were crisp and smooth but the core gameplay didn’t hurt at all. And we all know gameplay is king.

I do look forward to the games that purely take advantage of the 5. But like other gens that typically takes 2-3 years anyways. I’ll be fine with just getting fantastic games for now.


I really hyped myself up for one crazy exclusive announcement. Wolverine I guess technically ticks that box, but I can't get as excited over superhero games. Was really hoping for some of the rumors to be true (twisted metal, MGS).

Sniperwithacause84d ago

Hopefully the rumors are still true, just not ready to announce yet.

Levii_9284d ago

I said on another article that first half was rough but i was misremembering, the first part of the showcase was really good and the last couple of games were amazing but the middle part was um not that good.. after the GT7 trailer with Tokyo Ghostwire being the only exception it went really downhill for me until the Wolverine trailer.

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