The Marvel comics that Insomniac's Wolverine could be based on

The Wolverine PS5 reveal confirmed Madripoor and the Princess Bar, opening up what its setting, villains, and story could be.

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robtion36d ago

X-men origins Wolverine was such a great game. Hopefully they don't go too serious (Logan) or too kiddie friendly and keep Wolverines ferocity intact. Doubt we will get the over the top gore and combat present in Origins from Insomniac/Sony though unfortunately.

darren_poolies36d ago

Sorry, but why do you doubt it's gonna be gory?

robtion36d ago

It's a big budget AAA game. Just seems like they tend to play things safe when there are those kind of development costs involved. I would be very happy to be proven wrong. I'm a big fan of Wolverine/X-men in general and Insomniac (I have played every Ratchet and clank game sine the original, loved all the Resistance games, and even bought an xbox 1 primarily to play Sunset Overdrive).

SDuck36d ago

It's a AAA Marvel game. Wolverine is now a Disney property. Insomniac has a track record of making family friendly games and this will probably be connected to Spiderman's universe so it will most likely be on the same vein

chronoforce36d ago

It's the closest we will get to getting an X-men game. I'll take it!

robtion36d ago

I used to play the X-men mutant academy games back on the original Playstation. Would love a reboot of that series it was really fun.

RyanShutup36d ago

Please let there be a Gambit cameo. Please let there be a Gambit cameo.