GTAV and GTA Online now coming to PS5 March 2022

Experience Los Santos with stunning new visuals, enhanced gameplay, and more

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Nyxus45d ago

...They're never going to stop with GTAV are they?

Name Last Name45d ago

Not only is it GTAV, but you also have to wait until March 2022 lol

Plagasx45d ago

Never. Dat cow still got some milk left fam!

camel_toad45d ago

Man - no way am I buying this version. I'm holding out for the PS6 version!

ClayRules201245d ago

For real🤦🏼‍♂️€ 514; knowing Rockstar nowadays, just wait.

outsider162445d ago

Even looked the same. Did i miss anything the trailer? I didn't see any "enhanced" anything..

Atticus_finch45d ago

Less jaggies and nothing else.

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Knightofelemia45d ago

Would be better if it was GTA 6 still milking a game that came out in 2013. I can see it now PS6 comes out and Rockstar ports GTA 5 to that platform.

JackBNimble45d ago

GTAonline is the online platform, that is never going to change even when gta6 finally does come out .

GTAO doesn't require any money, and all updates are free for everyone.
It's amazing how people complain when dev's like Rockstar support a game for 8 years and get accused of milking.

GTAO is the GTA universe and Rockstar will only add to it.

What am I telling you this stuff for , you're probably never even gonna play gta6.

Knightofelemia45d ago

GTA Online doesn't require money lol sure it doesn't they drop a new business it requires money to buy it. So unless you grind the shit out of the game you're stuck to buying shark cards to buy and fire up that new business. Updates are free but at a cost again buying shark cards or grinding the shit out of the game.

JackBNimble44d ago

It absolutely does not, I've never paid a dime for anything.
There are so many was to make GTA money that if you can't make money in the game then you're doing it wrong.

Learn to play noob

Knightofelemia44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Me a noob lol I know how to grind GTA but there are other people out there in the game who grind or want they new business update now and will buy shark cards. You probably grind the game because your mommy said no more shark cards for you. Maybe if you're good and do well at school your mommy might buy you a shack card for your birthday or Xmas.

JackBNimble44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

So because someone is unwilling to actually play the game that means you have to buy sharkcards? Are you kidding me?
If you really play GTAO then you know there are missions that you can earn extremely big pay cheques. Your whole argument is a big load of horseshit.

What are you going to do when GTAO is still there after the release of Gta6?
Are you still going to complain and whine that Rockstar is still milking?

My mommy won't buy me sharkcards?
🤣🤣 hahaha ... how old are you kid? Sounds like you're projecting.

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-Foxtrot45d ago

What we wanted

Dream announcement: GTA VI

Realistic-ish: The rumoured GTA Remastered Trilogy

What we got: GTA V...again

RaidenBlack45d ago

Do you notice any enhancement? The touted "stunning new visuals" part?

ClayRules201245d ago



moomoo31945d ago

I noticed marginally better lighting lol im sure the main improvements are loading times. That game slow as hell between gameplay. Its already on PC tho so not very exciting upgrades...

poppatron45d ago

4K was def noticeable, they never did a pro/x update for the PS4/one versions. It looked like it has a better draw distance/LOD. I don’t know, I was hoping for more. Fingers crossed it looks way better when we get to see gameplay.

-Ghost45d ago

Waste of screen time being on the Playstation Showcase

Good-Smurf45d ago

This right here is the only weak sauce of the event.

ClayRules201245d ago

Yeah, outta all I saw, and some of the stuff didn’t do anything for me, some of those other games looked more appealing overall after seeing the so called “Stunning new visuals” I’m so over this game haha.

WheatBread45d ago

so it's basically the pc version on max settings?

Activision45d ago

No, the PC version has mods that can enhance the Gameplay, unlike this Remaster.

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