Forspoken by Square Enix for PS5 & PC Gets New Screenshots & Art

Following the new reveal at the PlayStation Showcase, Square Enix sent in a press release with new assets and information about Forspoken.

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Jin_Sakai39d ago

The traversal looks so good in this game. Hopefully the dialog and character facial animations improve. Other than that the game looks great!

Bathyj39d ago

Yeah it's looking interesting. I don't mind the dialogue. And that chick is hot.

SullysCigar38d ago

Agreed on all fronts. The dialogue is cheesy, to me, and over eggs the whole 'modern city girl in foreign world and time' set up. I really hope they tone it down, because that's going to get annoying fast for me.

This was maybe just to nail the point home in the trailer and introduce Fray, though.

But the game itself has me intrigued, the world looks great and varied, with lots to do and see. Definitely keeping my eye on this one!

Outlawzz38d ago

The dialogue reminded me of infamous. Delsin had similar chatter in second son, I thought it was funny in that game. I wasn't too bothered by it in the trailer but I get your point if they tack it on too much.

kthxcrayon38d ago

This is exactly how I feel too! I personally just also find characters with this focus pretty flat and boring. By this, I mean I can already empathize with the wild-ness of the fantasy on display – give me a character that has other compelling motivations.

I really hope they tone that aspect down, as I could even see myself passing on it altogether if it doesn't turn out to just be standard trailer fluff.

Viryu39d ago

I must have missed it earlier, there is modern world aspect to this, is this is not hard-fantasy? That slightly lowers the potential for this game I think, the first announcement a year ago looked the best out of all the games there, with the amazing magic. As long as they don't mess around with it as bad as AC games, we'll see.

I'm more worried with these screenshots, hopefully they are not inserting SJW elements and sacrificing story for it, though I have my doubts. It's highlighted by the focus and priorities of their words: "the main character Fray is strong, complex and very relatable." Nowadays devs struggle to create strong female characters without inserting unnecessary SJW elements into it, turning it into another "women are strong" story, instead of making simply making a great story.

chronoforce38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

What exactly are "SJW elements"? It seems to me like they have written a story in a genre of manga and anime popular in japan right now called isekai. She is basically a nobody in New York and gets transported to a fantasy world by some way where is she is total opposite.

You can hear characters in the trailer calling her special. The premise is pretty common in the isekai genre but this game has a lot of writers not native to japan so maybe it will be more interesting than it's premise would suggest.

EvertonFC38d ago

"isekai"? Learn something new everyday cheers.

Outlawzz38d ago

@viryu @chronoforce

Yea I'm not sure wt sjw elements are either. Main character seemed like a pretty normal everyday person to me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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on_line_forever38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I like the magic in this game , they show in the end of the video something looks like (Blizzaga) magic in final fantasy 8 and that make me hope they use this engine in upcoming final fantasy , just imagine how other magic will looks like ( Firaga , Blizzaga , Thundaga , Flare , Holy , Tornado , Quake and of course the powerful one Meteor , Ultima , Apocalypse )

Lexreborn238d ago

This game is going to be simply amazing. The magic and traversal alone gives infamous in fantasy settings and I’m here for that!

Eamon38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

What we've seen so far leaves me intrigued but at the same time I need to see a proper gameplay demo first. The fluid traversal looks cool as well as the abilities and the aesthetics. But Luminous Studios also made Final Fantasy XV and that was an open world full of not much. Flashy gameplay but too repetitive and easy.

Still interesting that Square is willing to make a big AAA investment in Luminous. Their last 2 big games, KH3 & FF7R, both used Unreal Engine 4.

EvertonFC38d ago

"What we've seen so far leaves me intrigued but at the same time I need to see a proper gameplay demo first"

Don't we do that with all games?

38d ago
Eamon38d ago

Sadly, not all of us. Most people do get seduced by flashy or cutscene-heavy trailers. I've learnt my lesson over the years to always give a good hard look at the gameplay first before judging.

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