Marvel's Wolverine Teaser Revealed, Being Developed by Insomniac

During Sony's PlayStation Showcase, Marvel's Wolverine was announced with a brief teaser!

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darthv7247d ago

Damn... this and Venom coming in SM2... 2023 is gonna be lit AF!

RaidenBlack47d ago

These and KOTORR were my favorite teasers of the presentation.

RaidenBlack47d ago

"Teasers", Raider ... teasers.
Ragnarok was full on mini Deep dive.

Count-Zero47d ago

Yeah KOTORR is probably tied for my favorite announcement of the show. Can you imagine what those planets are going to look like on next gen? I was going to list the planets I was most excited about but damn it's just too long lol

bouzebbal47d ago

Insomniac are incredible.. Best investment in history of gaming

ABizzel147d ago

Agreed, Sony should be put in jail for how cheap they bought them and the quality and quantity of AAA games they're producing.

I've said this plenty of times. Sony needs to give Marvel the Spider-Man film licenses for a 10 year contract, at the expense that they get exclusive rights to making Marvel games. It would suck for Xbox only player, but they are killing it with these Marvel games.

Darkborn47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I feel like insomniac equals 4 or 5 studios themselves lol.

EDIT* they released spiderman 2018 plus 3 DLC's shortly after, spiderman remastered in 2020 alongside miles morales, just released ratchet and clank rift apart and now have spiderman 2 and wolverine in the oven. Plus they helped a few other playstation studios with assets along the way.

47d ago
Atticus_finch47d ago

Insomniac are all quantity and quality. Its hard to believe how many games they're releasing .

Lightning7747d ago

So I guess we're gonna gloss over the fact the game won't be releasing AFTER Spider-Man 2 in 2023? In could be in 24 or 25 when it releases. Great announcements. I thought we all agreed we don't like to wait or when publishers show CGI trailers?

Darkborn47d ago

@Lightning I wouldn't doubt Insomniac at this point. I didn't know they had 8,000 employees or something.

EvertonFC47d ago

I'm guessing Sony will get all there 1st party studios on par with insomniac over the nxt 5 years or so content wise all working on multiple projects

KillBill47d ago

Insomniac would not even be mentioned without the availability of the licenses given to them to make by Sony. Great team but hardly the best investment of all time.

SullysCigar47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

^ oh come off it @KillBill. There have been bad Spiderman games in the past. It's not the franchise that makes a game great, it's the developer. Take The Avengers, for example...

If Insomniac hadn't made Spiderman, they'd have made something else of amazing quality - just like they did with the Resistance games and Ratchet and Clank - and everybody would be talking just as favourably of their talents and what a steal their purchase by Sony was.

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neutralgamer199247d ago

Sony knows what they are doing. This is so smart

Lightning7747d ago

Not doubting anything. There's no doubting Insomniac at this point in their career and reputation that's just goofy. I'm talkin about how these games are far out and showed CG how we all agreed industry wide as a collective we don't like CG and far release dates.

Bathyj47d ago

The fact you think it's CGI is such a huge compliment to them.

Rude-ro47d ago (Edited 47d ago )


You could not be further from the truth..

The last decade while Microsoft had nothing at all.. lil Phil made the comment “we do not like to show off anything until it is close to release”.. so the crows cried this statement for a while… until Microsoft bought a studio and was releasing a new console and they had to tease games that are far off from release with hype cgi trailers.

A little history lesson for ya there.

Kip_Smithers46d ago

They do for video games, but their movies are garbage. They have no idea how to deal with Marvel IP.

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abstractel47d ago

I know it was a super short tease but I hope Wolverine is a 2022 game and not a 2023-24. I don't see Insomniac releasing Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine in the same year. I know it's unlikely it's a 2022 game but who knows.

What I do know is that I'm really happy Insomniac are doing Wolverine. Only other Sony studio I'd prefer to do it would be Suckerpunch but hopefully they are working on GoT 2.

gamer780447d ago

I doubt this will come in 2023. Probably 2024. At least by then hopefully Anyone who wants a next gen console by then willl have one. Excited to see some gameplay later

KillBill47d ago

Don't expect Wolverine before 2024. Spider-man 2 is easier to see in 2023 as it is building off the Spider-man build already in use for the previous 2 titles.

47d ago
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AspiringProGenji47d ago

Insomniac is on Fire Oh my god!!!

ClayRules201247d ago (Edited 47d ago )

They truly are! I can’t help but become more and more impressed with Insomniac studio as time goes by. They genuinely produce more games in a timely and with not only visual quality that’s top notch (R&C Rift Apart is a literal stunner in game and in Photo mode) looking at even the smallest of details on display, like the bugs that have fully detailed bodies🤯😂 and just fantastic animations!

They’re just outdoing themselves all the more, and I couldn’t be more proud of them. I say that now, and than when Wolverine and Spiderman 2 comes out (not to oversell those games like they’ll be the greatest games ever) but I have no doubt they’ll both be wonderful and really great in their own right, and in that alone, they’ll solidify themselves all the more as top tier within the gaming industry, I mean, they are, (I know so many already respect them) but I see so many more taking notice of them and their amazing talent over the last several years, which is great to see. Naughty Dog, Rockstar are leaders in many areas, no doubt. Insomniac though, what they keep doing with their games, in the timing they do it, are letting their work speak for itself!!!

Eonjay47d ago

Insomniac was the best purchase of any platform holder period.

ClayRules201247d ago

I agree. I’m so glad Insomniac was willing to join Sony “Exclusively” and be apart of the PlayStation family, completely, and with that now their creative juices can continue to freely flow, develop and thrive!

lodossrage47d ago

The fact that they got two of marvel's most popular characters to playstation like this is a pretty big deal.

People were angry enough as it is about Spiderman. Now that they have Wolverine too, you can only imagine the anger. If they somehow manage to get Deadpool on this the internet will lose their collective mind.

JEECE47d ago

Lol, because everyone was so happy with Marvel's most recent multiplatform effort, right?

lodossrage47d ago

Yeah but that wasn't developed by Insomniac now was it?

JEECE47d ago

Haha I didn't realize so many people on here liked The Avengers game, I assumed we all agreed it was not anywhere close to the quality of Spiderman, but I guess you never know on here.

Atticus_finch47d ago

People are down voting you because Sony isnt Square inex.

JEECE47d ago


Yeah somehow people are taking my criticism of The Avengers as a slam on Sony, somehow. My whole point is that the people mad about Sony getting exclusives should realize that the games wouldn't be half as good if they were multiplatform. So apparently a lot of people are down voting me because they share the exact same opinion, which is weird.

SullysCigar47d ago

I think the disagrees are indicating more that people trust Insomniac to do right with Marvel franchises, not that 'Marvel' automatically ensures a quality gaming product.

After the Spidermans, you've got to expect Wolverine + Insomniac = Amazing!

JEECE47d ago


Yeah, which is precisely the point I was making. We've seen the difference in quality between Insomniac making a PlayStation exclusive Marvel game and when Marvel gave the license to Square Enix to make a multiplat.

darthv7247d ago

I cant say anything about the 'recent' multiplat marvel game (as I have not played it) but i can speak to previous multiplat marvel games. including spiderman which were generally really good when they were based on the movies of the same name. Same with other marvel games like deadpool and even some of the iterations of wolverine.

now im sure you werent looking for a real answer to your question but there have been some good multiplat games and others that were made exclusive have also had their ups and downs. it really comes down to the IP in question and the company tasked with making it. It so happens IG is really good at what they do so they will put their best effort forward with the IP.

lodossrage47d ago


after re reading your comment I get what you're trying to say. I actually misunderstood. It came off as a knock at first.

Unfortunately, that's the sad thing about the internet. Wording can be determined contrary to what the author tries to convey.

In any case, no excuses, my mistake

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Sitdown47d ago

Please let them get Deadpool.

ClayRules201247d ago

YES, please. Although I’d love a Doctor Strange game, just throwing that out there haha.

Lionsguard47d ago

@ClayRules2012 Oh god yes, how there isn't already a Doctor Strange game is nuts, he's such a video game character with all his abilities and artifacts.

Sitdown47d ago

Now that I think about it, let them get Afro Samurai!

outsider162447d ago

Iron Man too..heck we should throw Black Panther as well..

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JEECE47d ago

No, but why would Insomniac make a multiplatform game? I mean, I see what you mean that people not on Playstation will be jealous of these games, but they are being made by a Sony-owned studio, so if the games were multiplatform, they wouldn't be the same games, and we've seen what happens when Marvel tries to make a multiplatform game to please everyone.

lodossrage47d ago

Except marvel isn't the one trying to make the multiplatform games.

Square Enix made avengers the same way Sony are making Spider-man/Wolverine. They're only licensing IP.

And just because Square Enix gave people an Avengers GAAS that nobody wanted when they found it it was GAAS doesn't mean we should look at Insomniac's efforts in a negative light

kneon47d ago

I said that this might happen after they did so well with Spiderman. If this game turns out to be as successful then we'll continue to see more Marvel games as Playstation exclusives.

Extermin8or3_47d ago

Daredevil would be a good fit for insomniac too I think.

JEECE47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

"And just because Square Enix gave people an Avengers GAAS that nobody wanted when they found it it was GAAS doesn't mean we should look at Insomniac's efforts in a negative light."

In no world am I looking at Insomniac's efforts in a negative light. I'm saying that people on other platforms who are upset need to realize that the only way the Spiderman (and now Wolverine) games are going to be a high level of quality is by being PlayStation exclusive. So the jealous people are basically saying they would prefer everyone to have a mediocre Wolverine game than for Playstation owners to have a great one.

I'm literally making the opposite point of what you think I'm making.

SullysCigar47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

In that case, I'm also guilty of misunderstanding your original point, but if it helps, I think I get it now lol

CosmicTurtle47d ago

But you get high quality multi platform games? It makes no sense to talk in absolutes. It depends on the intention and quality of the studio. Insomniac would still be making a good game if it were multi platform, because they know what they’re doing. Were the first two Arkham games not good? Or the recent Star Wars game?

darthv7247d ago

There have been really good multiplat licensed games and really bad exclusive licensed games. Just because something is exclusive is not an automatic win. I get your point you think you are making but you are going about it the wrong way. So its best to just drop the deflection about those who could miss out and just focus on the studio who is making it the best they can.

I would go on a limb here and say there is a greater chance that xbox owners will also have ps (so they wont miss out) unlike ps owners who will shun xb out of spite.

47d ago
ShadowWolf71247d ago

Forget Deadpool, gimme Daredevil, Heroes for Hire, Doctor Strange, Jessica Jones.

Lemme get a Defenders game. lol

porkChop47d ago

I don't really mind if PlayStation gets some exclusive Marvel games. What I *do* mind is that Square Enix are the only other publisher making Marvel games and they haven't done a good job.

I think Marvel should get more publishers on board. And rather than the typical heroes, lets give some of the other characters their own games. Cable, Husk, Blade, Sentry, etc.

ClayRules201247d ago


Haha, right! How he isn’t being packaged as a game (with the most respect and care) well that we know of haha, is beyond me. I was watching that “Forspoken” trailer and thought “Doctor Strange” would work so well in a game, and so on, when it showed her casting spells and what looked like shields when getting attacked. Ugh, we can only hope. But I want it to be a Sony studio that handles it, I won’t lie lol.

P_Bomb46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

“The fact that they got two of marvel's most popular characters to playstation…”

Three if you count Iron Man PSVR. I still have that one in my backlog, but I’ll be done by the time it’s time to ‘snikt’!

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-Foxtrot47d ago

I was expecting Punisher at first but damn...even better

UltraNova47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

When that post got hit by lightning I immediately thought it was Infamous!

RaidenBlack47d ago

Yeah ... Punisher's also another good proposition but it'll mostly involve more shooting.
It'll be MaxPayne-esque with Marvel sauce. Naughty Dog territory maybe?
Wolverine on the other hand .... Bravo!
I liked Raven's attempt at it long back, when Activision allowed them to make their own games.

Darkborn47d ago

Could still happen, naughty dog publicly asked for it and that was before the success of miles morales. I'm sure marvel is pleased with sales atm.

Atticus_finch47d ago

I think it will happen. And it would without a doubt be extremely good.

Darkborn47d ago

Lol I get down votes for saying factually what happened. OK xbots.

ClayRules201247d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Yeah, Naughty Dog territory I could see!

Yeah, that attempt by Raven back than wasn’t bad, I liked it. Insomniac now, knowing how they’ve matured, strengthened as a team and in their art of developing across the board of their games, I can only imagine how this Wolverine game will turn out😅😊


That’s awesome, great choices! For me it was Forspoken, God of War (my personal favorite) Spiderman 2 and Wolverine. I’m thrilled for Alan Wake as well!

ClayRules201247d ago


That would’ve been awesome, no lie haha. Which game showing was your personal favorite?

UltraNova47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

It's gotta be GoW, followed by KotOR, Forspoken and Wolverine.

What was yours?