Bloodhunt comes to PlayStation 5 in 2021

The highly anticipated  free-to-play shooter is coming to PS5.

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RaidenBlack39d ago

Another non-exciting filler in the presentation.

Michiel198939d ago

looked pretty fun if you ask me. Im not into BR's at all, but i might give this one a try because it seems to be way more unique than the copy paste shit we've seen before for the last 4 years or so.

VerminSC39d ago

I agree. Didn’t look super polished but I always want to support an original game!

InUrFoxHole39d ago

Cmon man the last bit was good.

RaidenBlack39d ago

I meant, everybody was expecting new stuffs or update on less revealed projects.
Bloodhunt already had an alpha/beta test period.
Same goes for the R6 part.
Was expecting updates on Hogwarts or PoP SoT Remake instead.

InUrFoxHole38d ago

Got cha. Personally I was hoping for Socom

SimpleSlave39d ago

The Club is back BAY BAY!!!!!

enkiduxiv39d ago

So they canned the single player RPG they were working on and are rushing this multiplayer trash out the door. Ugh. Oh well, time to start another Bloodlines play through.

RaidenBlack39d ago

Different devs, for different projects but same franchise.
Hardsuit labs and Sharkmob.