PlayStation Showcase 2021 [ENGLISH]

Tune in Thursday, September 9 at 1:00pm Pacific Time / 9:00pm BST / 10:00pm CEST for a look into the future of PS5.

SullysCigar811d ago

Thanks man - very solid show!

But there's always a disappointment. This time it came in the shape of a handful of people trying to downplay and ruin everyone else's enjoyment.

Lots to look forward to in the coming months (and years in the case of Wolverine, but still, AWESOME surprise!)

UltraNova811d ago

Is it just me or this show was the most E3 moment in years?

811d ago
darthv72811d ago (Edited 811d ago )

Man... this is gonna be good


CosmicTurtle811d ago

It’s already been announced Snake.

RaidenBlack811d ago

Was expecting a little more gameplay + info of Hogwarts Legacy.

Snakeeater25811d ago

Are you hype about all the games you seen
Wow Sony really did the unexpected

Obscure_Observer811d ago (Edited 811d ago )


I mean, where´s the true next gen games? New IPs from first party studios? Gameplay?

All the rumors turn out to be fake. It was a Marvel/PS4 showcase.

Traecy811d ago

The showcase was 10 times better than XB's 2021 E3.

811d ago
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GaboonViper811d ago

If they do MGS remake i will faint.

RaidenBlack811d ago

Damn ... I was also hoping for the Factions 2 teaser.
When ND?

darthv72811d ago

After Uncharted thieves collection maybe?

Eonjay811d ago

Oh look E3 is finally here.

EvertonFC811d ago (Edited 811d ago )

Here we go 😊 🍻

Lightning77811d ago

Time for Sony to kill it as per usual.

Snakeeater25811d ago

Yeah with a trailer of guardian of the galaxy and Ghostwire haha

F0XH0UND922811d ago

Snake trying so hard to rain on this parade. How sad and pathetic you are lol

811d ago
CaptainHenry916811d ago (Edited 811d ago )

The start of the show was embarrassing but the end was great. I didn't know I was a Sony fanboy. This is new to me. I think you got me mix up with someone else 🤦🏻‍♂️ I just realized you just signed up today so this is your spam account 😂