Killzone 2 New Unseen Campaign Footage

Some new unseen killzone2 footage has just been uploaded on you tube.
The footage is of the recent killzone 2 preview levels, but has yet to be seen by the public.(some includes seen footage)

Ps: The link is to the user's channel just click on his killzone 2 videos
and watch in HD.
The videos
From top:
1) Killzone 2: Salamun Bridge Lente Avenue Impact Site
2) Killzone 2: Slujeva North
3) Killzone 2: Suljeva Village Badlands
4) Killzone 2: Salamun Bridge East
5) Killzone 2 - Gameplay - Salamun District | Canal Bank
6) Killzone 2 - Gameplay - Salamun District | Dushan Loading Bay (HD)

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chewy3173600d ago

finally youtube with high def!!! hurray

jammy_703600d ago

soooo goooooodddddd (now drulling)

chaosatom3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

to the ground.

This is the just Utube we are talking about.

Ace_Shooter3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

This game looks amazing (the videos are of good quality to boot). personal favorite is video #4, there's so much going on, action and explosions everywhere then please take notice when that guy (helghan i think) sets himself on fire...HOOOSSHIT!!! all this and....not a chuckle on the framerate..amazing. Given the player wasn't that good, the gameplay looks fun, the beautiful sounds (mostly the gunfire) makes you feel like you're in the fight. This is one hot HOT game. damn can't wait. hope there's atleast 2 player co-op. The graphics do not deserve to be split up in 4 tiny little screens. (unless you got a 70inch tv) lol

Edit: oh i forgot to mention the lighting in video #4 OOOMAMA! (i think the guy was more amazed at the action on screen that, at times, he forgets to play lol)

fishd3600d ago

On a side note

Can't wait to see GOD OF WAR III,4 days to go,4 days




fishd3600d ago

Theses are from a few months old preview build ,In podcast Beyond the guy who was recently at GG studio said the difference between the current build and the preview build is like night and day!!!

fishd3600d ago

Behold the effect of KZ2 on 1up staff,jawdropping as its finest!

phosphor1123600d ago

The player that is =P. He doesnt know where his head and where his ass is.. are going to be a lot better..preview build is from a few months back...Sigh..I want it now..

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Foliage3600d ago

I refuse to watch any more footage of this game. Although it is the type of game that is so epic that even knowing all the twists won't ruin it.

The Great Melon3600d ago

Same here Foilage, I use to look at everything I could get my hands on, but now that they are showing a lot I don't want to spoil the game. Only a few months to go.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3600d ago

I haven't watched any 'KillZone 2' stuff for over a Month now. I don't want to spoil the 'OMG' bits on my New SONY HD:TV;)
(Look at me commenting on the Gamer Zone, does that make me normal?All i need to do is buy all 3 consoles now) ;-D (Not)

BananaSlug3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

nice facial textures. those eyes look alive.

g-nome3600d ago

Looking great , ps3 delivers the goods.

LarVanian3600d ago

Sorry but I just exploded in my pants.

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