Sonic Colors Ultimate uses Denuvo & suffers from stuttering issues on PC

DSOGaming writes: "SEGA has just released Sonic Colors Ultimate on PC and since it sent us a review code, we've decided to test it and see how it performs on the PC platform."

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XxINFERNUSxX133d ago (Edited 133d ago )

Don't worry, it will be cracked and Denuvo removed, just like RE Village haha, I probably won't play it but just torrent it anyway lol. Switch version is already cracked with the ROM and emulator up. 😀

ZeekQuattro133d ago

Sega shit the bed on this game big time. If its not involving Yakuza or its spin offs they don't seem to give a damn these days.

-Hermit-133d ago

It wasn't Sega that worked on it, it was Blind Squirrel Games.

ZeekQuattro133d ago

People love to say that but Sega is one that hired them for the job. So what I said stands. There's plenty of blame to go around.