AusGamers Reviews MK vs DC Universe - 4/10

AusGamers writes:

"Having grown up with videogames and comics as my main choice (and outlet) of geekdom, there are countless crossovers I've always hoped for, but in all my years reading Batman, Green Lantern and Green Arrow comics (in my opinion, the only DC characters worth anything) whilst pumping coins into Mortal Kombat II, or earning serious thumb calluses from performing Fatalities on my SNES controller, it never once occurred to me the DC and MK universes should ever cross paths.

It seems fairly obvious most of the people involved with the creation of the game never did, either (at least not until some marketing douche-bag pitched the idea at a meeting and it was given the green light). And so despite such a product forcing you to conjure images of your parents having sex (because that act, for all offspring, is just plain wrong), it has been made, and now we're forced to deal with the reality of its existence (in as much the same way your own existence means your parents did have sex).

Now I know most people are screaming at their monitors because Capcom and Marvel already did this. But let's face a serious fact: Marvel characters, like them or hate them, are infinitely cooler than DC characters. There are exceptions, such as Captain America who is still very much a product of a long-gone era, but the bulk of popular heroes like Wolverine, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk, Psylocke and their ultimate baddie, Apocalypse (among others) eat Superman, Captain Marvel and the Flash for breakfast."

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sanamsingh3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

this games is easily a 8/10

and DC is better