Nintendo Switch OLED: All You Need To Know

Nintendo's Switch OLED will be released in October, what's new and how does it differ from the previous model? Find out here.

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Tacoboto43d ago

$50 more gets you:

Surface-style full-width kickstand
Improved speakers
2x default storage - 64GB now
720p OLED display that's slightly larger

Dock Ethernet Port
Dock Rear USB port is gone
Dock has air vents and slight curved edges

Battery life is the same and the device is essentially the same physical dimensions (like 1mm wider).

Basically - avoid this if you play majority docked or have a v2 Switch. As a launch Switch owner with terrible battery life, I only care if I don't have to fight a scalper.

Elronza42d ago

Very through and on point summary.