"PS3 Has No Games" Argument Needs To Die A Terrible Death

From PSXE:

"I think we're all aware of the enduring nature of stigmas and stereotypes - it's why we still have parents believing games are just for kids - and if we're not careful, certain stereotypes can run rampant and directly influence consumers who are seeking information. Since the launch of the PlayStation 3, the default argument against it, presented by almost everyone from retailers to idiotic fanboys, is this: "but it has no games!"

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NewZealander3598d ago

ps3 has games, thats a fact, but my problem is it still doesnt have enough games "I" like to make the price tag worth it at the moment.

i have nothing against the ps3 thats just how i see it at the moment, and as a consumer even if it had more games that interest me i would still be waiting for sony to slash the price by atleast a hundred before i would consider buying one.

current games i would like a ps3 for.

resistance 2

and god of war 3 whenever that comes out, maybe there will be a price cut by then.


Its only iggnorant 360 fan boys that still say this.

Danja3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

only 360 fanboys say these ridiculous things...most are envious they dont own a PS3..

I have so many games for my PS3 that I haven't even been able to PSN games


DMC4 isn't worth buying it's really not that good IMO..get NG:Sigma instead

Nathaniel_Drake3598d ago

Yeah I still need to buy a lot of games, but the games I do buy give me months of entertainment and value, I just bought a game in November, Resistance 2, and I am still having fun with it, I need to buy MGS4, Uncharted, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Devil May Cry 4, Dead Space and many more, but I'm a guy that drains every ounce of gaming from a game, that's also why I'm a RPG nut first and foremost, can't wait for WKS!!!! =)

chaosatom3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

that Ps3 has a Blu-ray.

And whenever the sale rose, they say it's because of blu-ray, not games, lol.

There seems to TONS of Multiplatform games to chose from, and exclusives too, and heavy hitters are coming soon enough.

Doppy3598d ago

I truly think this is both ignorance on gamers side, and a lack of market from Sony. Every hardcore gamer knows the PS3 has many games, but Sony has done a good job at letting everyone else know (the occasional and casual) that the PS3 has games.

Read everything before you complain

I don't think the PS3 has enough exclusives to lure the 360 fans over. The PS3 has a lot of great games and a lot of great exclusives, but not enough first party exclusives to make people go out and say I have to get a PS3. And the same thing goes for the 360. I think that most people realize that most games are multiplatform, and so they unintentionally assume there's nothing on the other console since they already have it on their console, and that's not true. I don't think we'll see a large adoption rate of people with multiple systems until much later when it's clear to see what each system has to offer that differentiates it from the other.

interrergator3598d ago

maybe there still mad that metal gear solid 4 is not on there list

jwatt3598d ago

Yea it's really the 360 fanboys, I feel like they're programed to say the ps3 doesn't have any games like they're robots. It could be the year 2012 and they'll still be saying "oh the ps3 doesn't have any games." I was joking to my friends about this, two of them were 360 fanboys and it was actually funny how we joking around with each other. It's just that I told them that they will get a ps3 next year when GOW3 comes out and they make it seem like it's a sin to have a ps3. They just don't want to admit it because I know one of them was going to get a ps3 just for LBP but it never happen. I will persuade them to get a ps3 when Killzone comes out!

littletad3598d ago

Probably the same people arguing with those who claim the 360 is just for shooters. Now there's another terrible death.

ultimolu3598d ago

You'd be very surprised....o_o
I really, really love when someone claims the PS3 is just a bluray player. Because you know...I'm pretty sure the eleven games and counting aren't bluray movies...

3597d ago
resistanceFAILofman3597d ago

What's more the argument that you can't get any satifaction playing xbox360 games because you 'might' get a RROD also needs to die a death.

SL1M DADDY3597d ago

I suspect the article was talking about folks such as yourself. How do you know it has too few a games that YOU like when you have not played them? There are many exclusives to the PS3 that you cannot play anywhere else and to say that you do not like them is pretty ignorant. Not trying to argue but simply asking, if you have not tried them, how can you knock them? In most cases, you cannot truly give a good enough reason for not buying a PS3 these days unless your reasons are 1) you just don't want to, 2) you don't have the money, or 3) you're a fanboy that prides himself to one console and then says the other console has no games...

So which one is it for you bud?

AAACE53597d ago

Don't say thaaaat.... That was an innocent, personal comment. But it gets looked at as being a fanboy comment! That's how I lost my bubbles... don't make my mistakes!

Fanboys are jaded! Even when I make a good comment about Ps3, I still have a fanboy or two tracking me to disagree and take a bubble from me...(Oh yeah fanboy... I figured out what you were doing! You should stop and read my comments before you disagree).

Ps3 may not have alot of games you are interested in, but they are building their list up and soon will!

mastiffchild3597d ago

@Rfail of Man-the RROD did ruin many games for me-I never finished Bioshock, Halo3 and a slew of others(only finished Gears1 because I wisely bought it on PC). If you had multiple fails like I did you wouldn't be soo glib about MS selling us gamers shonky goods for their own benefit and when some returns took the best part of three weeks you have to admit that the RROD argument is far from redundant.

Sony's exclusives are, imo, of a higher quality than the 360's(90% of which go to PC any how so I don't miss my malfunctioning elite at all)and are prepared to be more innovative/risky-like LBP. This is good for gaming as at least Sony aren't content to tempt devs into doing sequels or luring them out of exclusive deals with other companies(which is the MS MO).So what if LBP hasn't sold in the numbers it so richly deserves, only a fool would imagine it won't still grow and also have a lasting future impact on gaming which benefits ALL of us.

360 has, as I started to list above, many great titles and until recently most multis looked slightly better on it too but even that no longer holds true as now there's no difference at all, the difference is tiny OR (Dead Space, Mirrors Edge etc) they look better on PS3. So the "no games for PS3" is the only "redundant " argument you touch on. Finally MGS4, Uncharted and LBP are the best games(maybe excepting Bioshock and COD4)this gen on any platform, obviously in my view,though honourable mentions to SMG/SSBB/GEars1&2 and MP3 are well earned too. So very little difference in the two libraries now and even the Wii has some stand out games this gen. The fail rate of the 360 is still the biggest insult to gamers in the history of console manufacture and is as callous and calculated a move as I've ever seen in this industry.To carp on about a console released a year after the 360 for having fewer titles available , when it may have been truer, is a joke compared to the RROD(and other failure issues of ther 360)debacle as obviously PS3 wouldn't launch with the numbers in it's library that a uear old machine had garnered.

Megatron083597d ago

maybe this will end when the ps3 actually gets some worth while games that are not multi plat games

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DA_SHREDDER3598d ago

Its just the 360 fanboys who made that claim.


I have to disagree.Yes i know it was only 360 fan boys that said that but i bought my ps3 at launch and apart from resistance,motorstorm and warhawk i could not find any other exlusive game that was worth paying for.And the psn had crap games compared to what u get now with games like wipeout HD,siren..e.t.c.The truth is at launch the ps3 had few games to play but that is all a thing of the past now.

Mozilla893598d ago

I didn't buy my PS3 till after a year it was out and Warhawk kept me quite busy so I've never had a lack of games. Still when it comes down to it I'd rather have "no games" than no console.

i_like_ff73598d ago

No one is stupid enough to say that although they'll find some other way to bash...Whats the newest fanboy insult?

PS3 FTW3598d ago

I think the latest rant is about how that Metal Gear teaser "confirmed" MGS4 on 360. Once that rumor is once again debunked, the Xbots will return to the yelps of "MGS4 is movie".

PS3 has a ton of games and I'm not gonna waste the time listing them.

Andronicus3597d ago

didn't someone find something on the famitsu website about an mgs energy drink that got taken down a few minutes later?

Nogames08_09_360RROD3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

The new argument needs to be "Xbox360 Has No Games"

I bet the XFags can't come up with 10 games that will be/are AAA that came out this year or next year. DLC, expansion packs, Fable 2 and Multiplatform games don't count. Oh and by the way Left 4 Dead doesnt count as its multiplatform.

EDIT: Come on Disagrees prove me wrong. Also the DLC for Alan Wait (Which is called Alan Wake)doesn't count. Braid is also comming out on PC.

Shadow Man3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Ninja Blade
Mass Effect 2
Alan Wake
Halo 3: ODST
Star Ocean 4
Mobile Ops: The One Year War
Magna Carta 2
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction
Project Offset
Halo Wars
Fallout 3 DLC
Forza Motorsport 3
Halo: Chronicles
The Crossing
Prey 2
Divine Divinity II
Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures
Age of Pirates: Captain Blood
Voodoo Nights
Ninety-Nine Nights II
Project Progressive
Race Pro
Dead Island
Demons of Mercy
Dungeon Hero
Shadow Harvest
The Shadow of Aten
Super Star
Underwater Wars
Versus Tactical Action
White Gold: War in Paradise
Divinity 2 – Ego Draconis
Grand Raid Offroad
Omikron 2
Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi EXTRA
Kingdom Under Fire II

SONYSLAVE3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

droids try so so hard.

360 will smash ps3's list in 09 and half those games on ps3 will be delayed like allways .

just cause the ps3 is still in 3rd place you still don't have to be so angry on the internet... screaming XBOT DIE RR0D DIE XBOT BILL GATES SUX japan FTW!!! >_<

NegativeCreep4273598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Shadow Man lists irrelevant DLC right near the top and throughout his B.S. tower of names. That leads me to believe that he just copy and pasted all that crap from some feign source.

Space Chimps? OMG The Fuds Over!!! Microsoft is taking the lead for good in 2009!!!! No Kidding!!! its all over!!! Space Chimps is going to be the next Goldeneye!!!!!!!!!!!

ViceKingz3598d ago

lol i swear to god shadow man. out of all those titles i only recognize 12, you might as well list the main ones to prove your point. posting the games that you pulled out of wikipedia "games exclusive for 360" shows how desperate you are

Harry1903598d ago

does realize he just made a bullshit list of exclusives where most are shovelware and some of them are even multiplatform games.

Project Offset: Vapourware. Intel is never going to release it.

Supreme Commander: Already out dude. Check your sources.

Kane's Wrath: Already out.

Sacred 2: Multiplatform. Already out on PC and coming to the PS3 too.

You mention C and C Kane's Wrath twice in your list. Be more consistent.

Space Chimps: Seriously dude? SERIOUSLY? Game is already out anyway.

Zoids Assault: Already out and is a crap game. Check its reviews if you don't believe me. Averaging 50-60.

Warhammer Battle March: Already out + crap too.

Battlestations: 2 year old game. I don't think you are being very serious here.

You're in the Movies: already out, destroyed by critics because of huge glitches and poor concept.

Most of the rest is just shovelware or vapourware. Some of the names stand out though.

Example of exclusive shovelware: The 360 exclusive Secret Agents came out last month and no site even reviewed it....I am sure you bought it.

Nogames08_09_360RROD3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )


Ninja Blade (FAIR ENUF)
Alan Wake (FAIR ENUF)
Star Ocean 4 (FARI ENUF)
Mobile Ops: The One Year War (FAIR ENUF)
Magna Carta 2 (MULTIPLAT)
Supreme Commander (ON PC, SO MULTIPLATFORM)
Halo Wars (LOL)
Fallout 3 DLC (NOT A GAME [email protected])
Forza Motorsport 3 (FAIR ENUF)
Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath (MULTIPLAT)
Theseis (MULTIPAT)
Halo: Chronicles (FAIR ENUF)
The Crossing (MULTIPLAT)
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel (MULTIPLAT)
Divine Divinity II (MULTIPLAT)
Warhound (MULTIPLAT)
Salvation (MULTIPLAT)
Age of Pirates: Captain Blood (MULTIPLAT)
Voodoo Nights (MULTIPLAT)
Project Progressive (MULTIPLAT)
Dead Island (MULTIPLAT)
Demons of Mercy (FAIR ENUF)
Dungeon Hero (MULTIPLAT)
Shadow Harvest (MULTIPLAT)
The Shadow of Aten (MULTIPLAT)
Space Chimps (MULTIPLAT)
Super Star (Arcade game man your desprate)
Totems (MUltiplat)
Underwater Wars (Multiplat)
Versus Tactical Action (Fair enuf)
White Gold: War in Paradise (Multiplat)
Zoids Assault (Fair enuf)
Venetica (multiplat)
Warhammer: Battle March (Multiplat)
Grand Raid Offroad (multiplat)
Battlestations: Pacific (multiplat)
You're in the Movies (LOL and Fair enuf)
Deathsmiles (fair enuf)

YOU JUST PROVED MY POINT. You are so desparate to prove me wrong 90% of those games are Multiplatform and 2 don't exist and you Listed C&C Kanes Wrath twice. You also proved SONYSLAVE is your other account. I took the time to prove you wrong so GTFO from N4G you [email protected] [email protected] Xbot [email protected] troll.

You also edited your list because you are in damage controll and you spin like a [email protected] ballerina.

At this rate you might aswell play your games on PC.

Gerry Mark II3598d ago

Wow shadowman you just got owned. lol.

Ilikegames763597d ago

You forgot to list your most anticipated xbox 360 games: Soulja Boy game or something. ;p

Shane Kim3597d ago

Harry190 and Nogames08_09_360RROD just owned the hell out of Shadow Man beyond imagination. Shadow Man if I were you I would have leave N4G to never come back. I wouldn't be able to handle the embarrassment.

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Bathyj3598d ago

It wasn't true when they first said it.

I bought 4 games with my launch console. I've never bought 4 games with a launch console before. XB took a year to get a game as good as Gears but for some reason, yep, it got a pass on that. I was so happy to have a "Next Gen" console I was buying every piece of crap there was, and believe me there was plenty of crap. I dont think I was the only one either. I certainly helped towards that high attach rate. Maybe 20 games in 6 months with only 2 or 3 being any good. What a schmuck I was.

Nathaniel_Drake3598d ago

Yeah I don't get it, wasn't Resistance one of the best launch games to come out yet some people overlook that

PoSTedUP3598d ago

the first game i played was motorstorm... sickest racing game i ever played. ps3 is where its at.

these are the games i am playing now, yes, all of them at once xD.

motorstorm pacific rift
MLb08:the show
gran turismo5 prologue
hot shots golf
super star dustHD
tekken5 dark ressurection
siren:blood curse
R&C quest4booty
NBA09 the inside
heavenly sword
burnout paradise
high stakes on vegas strip: poker
supersonicacrobaticrocketpowe red..
nova strike

that is what you call gaming heaven right there.

last three games i played were socom gt5p and NLH09 in that order.