Elden Ring Will Have Ubi Style Towers, Says Yasuhiro Kitao

Elden Ring is going to double down on player freedom and exploration.

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Eamon39d ago

Tbh, title is a bit misleading. Miyazaki doesn't mention Ubisoft at all. He simply calls them watchtowers.

I reckon the inspiration is more from Breath of the Wild than Far Cry. And we've heard from those who've had the luxury of trying Elden Ring that they felt a lot of BotW vibes during exploration.

GoodGuy0940d ago

Not really a bad thing. In botw, you use them to mark and glide down to a point of interest which was always fun. Thats really just if the open world and exploration are good and i trust fromsoft to do a good job with their amazing level designing unlike ubi with their generic genericness.

SinisterMister39d ago

Generic genericness... Damn dude. You must be making Shakespeare turn in his grave.

OtterX39d ago

He gave that sentence as much effort as Ubisoft deserves though.

LucasRuinedChildhood39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

People are running out of ways to convey how generic Ubisoft games are without sounding generic themselves.

Do not blame GoodGuy09. It is Ubisoft who hath sinned. The deceased Shakespeare will just have to come to terms with it.

Eamon39d ago

Tbh, 'generic genericness' really does describe Ubisoft...

shammgod38d ago

Far cry games should just be called “Video Game”

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Nakiro39d ago

You say anything with Ubisoft in a sentence and people automatically groan. Towers are actually implemented pretty well in Ubisoft and other similar games. I doubt it will be any worse in Elder Rings.

KyRo39d ago

Ubisoft done this themselves. If they stopped and made different games and mechanics for each of its games instead of taking mechanics from all their other games and bundling it in another generic open world in a different era, people wouldn't moan.

Ubisoft are lost creatively and that's sad when they've had so many amazing games in their history.

Nakiro39d ago

Right.. but people keep buying the games.

It's just like how everyone complains about Call of Duty and the 5th time GTA V or Skyrim gets released but then goes out to buy it again.
Clearly there is something there that people like and keep coming back to.

Eamon39d ago

More to do with brand recognition and big budget marketing.

It's not like the core gameplay is "bad." It's just not amazing. It's like fast food. Whereas Fromsoftware's games are like fine dining.

NeoGamer23238d ago

Ubisoft games are pretty good and I still get them. They may not have the best innovation but they seem to never ship a low quality game unlike many other third party studios.

At east when I buy an Ubisoft game I know what to expect.

jznrpg39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

It depends on how it works in this game . Not a big fan of the towers but I’m not a big hater either , they can be used well . I liked the way they were used is HZD , moving towers you had to conquer by climbing it was cool .

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The story is too old to be commented.