Sony to Discontinue Westmoreland Operation

Sony Electronics employees at its Pittsburgh Technology Center were advised today that the company will be discontinuing all of its operations at the Westmoreland County facility over the next 16 months, beginning with television manufacturing by the end of February 2009.

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Bon Scott3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

It's funny they have to shut down a tv facility.
Sony should have stuck with tvs,cameras,walkmans and such and kept out of console gaming period.
Now look at the mess they're falling into.
Serves em right!
Fable 2........Game of the year,
only on the 360(X Play gaming show).

Just think of all the viewers watching this show,and will now buy a 360 accordingly.


Since the 360 price cut to $199,
I've been selling 8 360s to 1.....hehe ps3 on average at my Game Stop store.
I just thought the Sony swine in here would be happy to hear this.

BananaSlug3599d ago

you work at Game Stop!


Rhythmattic3599d ago

Bon, So much for Empathy, Hopefully one day you will find it, Or at least look it up in the Dictionary.

A lot of people will be put out of work, even some of them are possibly 360 Owners...

This is a Recession, no doubt about it , and unfortunately , as always, we , the people suffer.

ultimolu3599d ago

I hope you lose your job for being an asshole.
Once again, placing a console war over something as serious as this.

F*cking jerkoff. My coworker's friend works at Gamestop. prefers the 360 but doesn't get on like that.

BananaSlug3599d ago

i wonder what services Bon offers for those excellent sales


Gue13599d ago

with that attitude I don't think anybody would let you work in an environment that requires interaction with clients.

that video game store you work for, is located in your little fantasy world that is right on your mind?

3598d ago
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a_cold_soul3599d ago

Oh how Sony has falling .... falling hard and fast -_-

Danja3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

yup didn't you hear it's also Sony's fault why there is a Global recession...*sarcasm*

do you guys even read the articles before posting..?

every major company is feeling the effects of this crisis

ultimolu3599d ago

I hope that was sarcasm.

Panthers3599d ago

I guess that makes you happy??

get a life.

Nathaniel_Drake3598d ago

Wow people losing jobs makes you all giddy inside, please speak more of your wisdom sir

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Xbox Street Gang3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Scaling back is not because of bad business, but because of the falling Yen. Sony is doing just fine, but everyone is aff3ected by this recession.

mynd3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Parts of Sony are doing just fine.
Not the parts your interested in though.
I do feel sorry that the Electronics department, while underperforming it at least makes a profit, it is now bearing the brunt of Crazy Kens complete incompetency. Fire him. Oh wait. they did.
3 billion in 2 years. 3 billion dollars + 300 million this year so far.

Compare that 300 million loss to the 520 million profit the electronic's department has made.

I don't know how, but Sony need to get the costs of the PS3 under control.

LoveWaffles3599d ago

I know 3 people who work at this plant

I feel for them

shamv3599d ago

I guess better them than a developin studio!?!?

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