Windows 7 69xx builds - Coming along nicely

ZDNet writes: "These pre-beta builds, which I will collectively call build 69xx, are for pre-beta builds both very (very) stable and close to being feature complete. I've been running these builds on a few machines now for a total of a few hundred hours and I've not had a single crash or hang, although the test systems didn't like the preview driver package for the ATI graphics cards.

Given what I'm seeing now I'm expecting a beta in January and for Windows 7 to go RTM earlier rather than later in 2009. These 69xx builds, unlike the 6801 build that was given out to PDC attendees, have none of the hidden "Blue Badge" features. Everything in these builds is on show.

There's not a lot new in these latest builds. In fact, I don't expect to see anything potentially "special" until the beta comes out (which in my opinion will be more of a release candidate). The 69xx builds are about getting the core OS right, and my testing suggests that Microsoft is getting things right this time. These 69xx builds look and feel better than the RTM version of Vista did."

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likeaboss3023603d ago

Well it's too be expected it's working so well since it's Vista done right. With that said Vista with SP1 works great as well.

Keele3603d ago

The new best OS in the world.

zonetrooper53603d ago

Theres also SP2 for Vista coming out next year. Currently loving Vista 64bit SP1 on my PC at this moment. I prefer it to XP and the search within the start button is awesome.