Hulst: PlayStation Studios is all about the “quality and the uniqueness of the gaming experiences”

PlayStation Studios head talks on the expansion of the development family.

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GhostofHorizon510d ago

It's hard to argue that Sony hasn't been consistently delivering quality games. They seemed to have found their rhythm.

Darkborn510d ago

It's different than Xbox, they seemed to have went to pretty much anyone with their checkbook and tried to get them to agree to be bought. Playstation is poaching studios they like because of quality and how they vibe with their other studios. Not just seeing who signs the dotted line.

Gaming4Life1981510d ago

That is such a bulshit and biased statement. MS is buying quality studios for the sole reason of having a great and diverse bunch of games. You act like MS is buying any studio just because, maybe you should read about all the studios that love working with MS. I guess you only read the sony interviews and not the xbox ones cause the one thing MS has said is that they want the quality of their games to be to the highest standard.

This was a great interview and im glad that he said sony will continue putting out quality and unique games like they are known for. I cant wait to see whats coming for ps in the future tomorrow. True gamers should be happy with all the great games coming out for all platforms.

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MadLad510d ago

"Whoever signs the dotted lines"

So we're going to pretend they didn't acquire a bunch of award winning studios, and heavy hitters of the industry?

Care to name the garbage developers they brought into the fold?

ElvisHuxley510d ago (Edited 510d ago )

@TedCruz *Former award winners/heavy hitters, and while a bunch were acquired, they certainly don't all fit that criteria. Whether they still have that capacity is not only unestablished, but remains to be seen. I'm happy to give the benefit of the doubt, but lets not pretend that they don't have a lot to prove. If you want to make a name for yourself in the big leagues, you gotta do more than just make promises and throw around lots of money, you gotta deliver.

Darkborn510d ago

Xbox tried to buy Warner bros, zenimax, supposedly take 2, leyou holdings to name a few. Yes they went around with a checkbook.

MadLad510d ago (Edited 510d ago )


Good way to detract.
By your logic, absolutely no developer can point to their past creations as a sign of their viability.


You're continuing to be disingenuous.
Your statement claims they ran around, seeing whoever would sign onto the company.
What actually happened was they vetted multiple industry staples, and brought on who agreed with the terms.
You're trying to paint it in a much more negative light than what actually occured. These were all large acquisitions, and MS wasn't exactly begging them to accept their offer.


So Naughty Dog and Digital Homicide have equal footing to create an amazing experience, being that their past releases don't matter?

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GhostofHorizon509d ago

How about we focus on Playstation and keep Xbox out of it? I don't think anything good ever comes from tearing down the opposing company. After everyone takes their cheap stab we are all just left with a bad taste in our mouth from both sides.

Nobody ever wins these arguments. At the very least, leave it for a relevant article.

alb1899509d ago

Well, I'm not complaining with the direction XBOX is going, I'm very please and very optimistic of the future.

Jericho1337509d ago

An article dedicated to PlayStation and yet all people can talk about is Xbox… rent free 😂

Notellin509d ago

@Darkborn We can always count on you to draft a fiction fanboy narrative for any article. Everything you said in this comment is nonsense.

Babadook7509d ago

"It's different than Xbox... because of quality and how they vibe with their other studios"

Yup, Its about a relationship BEFORE the purchase, and a mutual fanbase.

oldenjon509d ago (Edited 509d ago )

To me the difference between Microsoft and Sony acquisitions is Microsoft mostly bought platform agnostic and well-established studios in a blatant effort to hurt Sony. They weren’t uniquely involved in the success of these studios and don’t deserve credit for having $$$ to outspend the competition.

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Outlawzz510d ago

In terms of story content, and world building I would agree, the games are top notch. Gameplay wise its mostly the same though, I would like to see more IP's try out unique gameplay styles.

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TheDoomedGuy509d ago

I know what you're saying but it's actually wrong. Their gameplay styles aren't the same...they're only missing 1st person games but I think that's more choice than lack of ability.

If you look at the industry you e really only got about 3 styles. 3rd person, over the top and 1st person.

Outlawzz509d ago

Those are camera styles....

TheDoomedGuy509d ago


I'm sorry I misjudged your comment. Most times that's the argument. Please for yourself and the rest of us, feel free to clarify what you mean by not having diverse gameplay styles.

Notellin509d ago

By unique gameplay styles he means game with unique gameplay.

If DoomedGuy was deciding the definition it would be what weapon you're holding that decided the genre.

It's simple, Sony makes third person *Action/Adventure* games and makes them well. Outside of that not much else. So the genre isnt the camera angle.

Now keep carrying on with your childish fanboy wars!!!!! You guys are changing the world!

TheDoomedGuy509d ago


Demons souls is survival 3rd person action rpg
Returnal is survival sci Fi bullet hell 3rd person shooter rogue like and souls like game
Ratchet is a cinematic 3rd person action adventure platformer
The last of us is a 3rd person survival cinematic story driven action adventure game.
Spiderman is action open world superhero game
Days gone is a survival action open world shooter
Sackboy and astrobot are both platformers with co op

And there's much more so not sure what exactly is samey with all these.

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Atticus_finch509d ago

It wouldn't be hard to make a counter argument but the truth is that it doesn't matter. You're not worth the time.

Outlawzz509d ago

Ouch, didn't have to burn me so hard. Tsssssssss....

Kurt Russell509d ago

That's how I also felt. Playstation seemed to be making primarily open world single player games for a while. And I was burning out from it (as good as they were). But recently I would say they have had some more diversity with games like Returnal and Dreams.

I do wish they would make a few more racers than just GT though, I used to play so many back on the older systems (Wipeout, RidgeRacer, Twisted Metal, Mod Racers)... but everything went in favour of the more serious racers (pity for me).

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Viljong510d ago

I love playstation triple A singleplayer games. These games are the core of my gaming habit

Epicor509d ago

Good news for you. Kojima Productions will be added to PlayStation Studios family very soon. Just confirmed by new Death Stranding trailer.

Bathyj509d ago

King Thrash subscriber?

Viljong510d ago

MS cant create anything unique or new they only buy washed out bethesda to limit and force playstation players to became xbox subscriber. They spent 8 billion not to create or invest in anything new but trying to force playstation users into xbox subsribing system.

TheDoomedGuy509d ago

So true. They actually haven't created anything new. Halo was Bungie and they didn't invent gears either.

Bathyj509d ago

Forza and Fable? You got to give them credit there. Both overstayed their welcome but, I'm sure most would agree.

But having said that Forza is always consistently high quality.

TheDoomedGuy509d ago (Edited 509d ago )


Not sure about Forza but fable was created by blue box studios. Microsoft are the ones that helped support them in the creation. But its more akin to what bloodborne is to playstation. Its not playstations creation it belongs to fromsoftware. Playstation did help them create it but it wasnt like they nurtured the studio in that direction...they already wanted to create that game most likely.

Same with blue box...they already had the plan for fable when they went looking for support. They found support with their parent company lionhead studios and microsoft. Besides microsoft didnt acquire lionhead unitl 2006. Fable had already released. Its barely any different from the situation with bungie. Its actually even further in terms of their connection to fable.

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