Welcoming Firesprite to the PlayStation Studios Family

The next addition to PlayStation Studios is a creative, ambitious team from Liverpool.

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GaboonViper994d ago

Fantastic news, can't wait to see what they are working on.

Obscure_Observer994d ago

Whatever happened to that "nurture the talent of our first party studios" BS talk.


The Wood994d ago (Edited 994d ago )

they stem from sonys old liverpool studio (members)

You try too hard bro

All you had to do was research but noooooooooo, auto crap spew


darthv72994d ago

I guess technically they are doing that. this studio is not exactly new, just a reboot / remake / remaster of talent from ones past. I believe it was Studio Liverpool (Wipeout guys). So they were always a first party studio and took a break a while back to rebrand themselves.

994d ago
dbcoops994d ago

"We’ve had the pleasure of working with many talented developers and publishers across the industry and PlayStation in particular has been a friend and co-development partner for the best part of a decade,"

What ever happened to reading and researching before trolling?

TheTony316994d ago

Firewalk is the former Sony Liverpool studio that worked on games like Wipeout...but nice try, lol.

RpgSama994d ago


What a joke, at least read before commenting on anything, you should be ashamed of being ridiculed in public on a basically daily basis.

GamingSinceForever994d ago

Damn at least read before commenting bro.

CosmicTurtle994d ago

@obscure_observer what are you actually offended about? If so why?

CosmicTurtle994d ago

Why can’t you just be happy with your console choice? MS have some nice studios, what compels you to cheerlead for a product and sniping at another rather than just enjoying what you have? You like what MS offer that’s dandy. If you are worried about PR people saying stupid stuff then you won’t be happy with any console manufacturer. Do you get so heated when someone announces a feature in a dishwasher you don’t own?

Maybe you find a game in trolling and arguing, but I assure you there are richer ways to spend your time.

Wintersun616994d ago

Please leave Trollscure_Trollerver.

AmUnRa994d ago

And here whe have the first troll who does not really know what the " blieb" he is talking about.

994d ago
F0XH0UND922994d ago

Another epic fail from obscure.

On topic, it's nice to see Sony continuing the trend of nurturing talent and fostering long lasting relationships with talented devs. Hopefully they have something to show tomorrow.

mkis007994d ago

Well anytime you try to claim non-bias now this will follow you.

itsmebryan994d ago

@The wood
Didn't Sony close the studio and that's why they are old members of Sony. Maybe that's what he is talking about. That's not what you think of when you "nurture talent ".

Vizigoth04994d ago

Yeah not worth getting mad over. I would just go back to playing games if I was you.

Bathyj994d ago

Did that troll attempt go how you thought it would?

tay8701994d ago

dude you do know this studio is made up of former employees from sony liverpool studio that was closes in 2012 right?

Sarcasm994d ago

Guys, I think he's already dead.

Sunny_D994d ago

Sorry bud, you tried. But your poor trolling skills need work.

JackBNimble994d ago

Like obscure observer said
"Whatever happened to that nurture the talent of first party studio's "?

I would like to know that too considering that "quite a few members of fire Sprite came from Sony's first party studio liverpool "

If I were these guy's I'd be worried that Sony shuts this newer studio down.

Another question that should be asked:
Sony owned studio liverpool and shut them down , so why buy a studio made up of quite few of the members of the studio that Sony already closed?

badz149993d ago


MS started this acquisition craze first. If it was not for MS and their fat pocket papa Satya buying studios left and right, these acquisitions would have been at a slower pace as before. it's no coincidence that Sony suddenly swoop Insomniac after all these years they have been honoring the company's desire to stay independent. The same reason it is for this too I guess. They just can't afford losing 3rd parties to MS as they gobble them up one by one and started moving in that direction before MS makes the move. MS doesn't care about the xbox, they just want the PS dominance to end. They tried with power and marketing, that didn't work. they know, GAMES and DEVELOPERS are keys to it and by depriving these elements will make the PS brand weaker. they realized this and started buying studios and Sony would be dumb to let MS be the only one doing it.

FYI, acquiring a studio especially those with no steady income like this one is not ideal. they need to be paid as normal employees and without a studio income, they will be the extra expenses for the owner.

Extermin8or3_993d ago

Even if the founders of this studio weren't former members of Sony Liverpool your comment would still have no merit whatsoever. When Sony made that renark what they were essentially saying is: if you can't get first party titles out the door regularly and of a consistent quality buying a large studio or publisher won't fix that. The issues regarding project management etc are going to carry over and the new studio will Bring with it a different and well established culture etc which will probably take time to integrate with your existing corporate culture. However if you buy smaller teams that are growing and help them grow and progress and move to releasing larger titles over time (look at housemarque or bluepoint- I know officially they haven't bought the latter yet) then the culture can be forged and melded to match yours and the studio should grown naturally without the requirement it be pumped up with money.

DarXyde993d ago

Ughhhhh, here we go....

I don't think there is anything I can say that hasn't already been said. Seems like a painfully obvious attempt at a gotcha moment, but in any case, Obscure_Observer, I can only encourage you to evaluate things before you jump off like that. Seems like you were in a hurry to deliver this "own" and it ended up being a misfire. Somehow, I think you're better than this...

I'm genuinely not a fan of these acquisitions. They're annoying and really bring out the worst in gamers. Now it's just about hypocrisy burning and whose box maker has more studios (which you shouldn't concern yourself with—quality every time).

I'll give Sony some benefit of the doubt here because these are traditionally small studios they're acquiring, Insomniac withstanding. It's a matter of giving the lesser known artists a better canvas to realize a larger vision, a la Returnal. I think the benefits are pretty apparent for gamers in this regard. I suppose Microsoft deserves some benefit too because it means games from Bethesda are on Game Pass, which is a win for consumers. But outside of that, I don't see why anyone should care or cheer these acquisitions on when they happen.

Honestly, I'm not about to argue that "he started it!" crap. That's such juvenile rhetoric. Take it as it is: another acquisition in what is likely the beginning of a large theme.

Side bar: did anyone else notice the PlayStation Studios logo at the beginning of the official Death Stranding trailer?


CaptainHenry916993d ago

Firesprite (Playroom, The Persistence) joins PlayStation

-Over 200 developers
-Many come from former SIE Studio Liverpool
-The team is currently developing a "AAA branching narrative adventure game" and a "AAA quality new action shooter IP"

Blog: https://t.co/V1GMeFj0oQ https://t.co/sZDMFB9QD5

Father__Merrin993d ago


Looks like a total annihilation on this one....

The Wood993d ago (Edited 993d ago )


Nice take.. you should be on YouTube.

In regards to the disdain for acquisitions, I hear where you're coming from but thats the nature of the beast. If the companies could continue to work using 2nd and 3rd party relationships without the threat of that studio being locked away via acquisitions I'd be fine. It seems only Nintendo aren't getting embroiled in this movement. Sad to say but this is a content war and studio acquisitions are the segway

Killer2020UK993d ago

Zero acknowledgement when proven wrong is a real weak look.

Gunstar75993d ago

Darth...a 10 year break to rebrand? LoL