120GiG Black Xbox360 With HDMI Official!? reports that Microsoft Australia has told a store named Myer to prepare the store for a Black 360 with a 120GB hard drive in April. The black Xbox 360 is due out in Australia for $749 AU in April. They will try to push this forward to late March to deter buyers from the March 23 PS3 launch.

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HungPHAT4897d ago

I'll buy it, but wondering if it will have a HD DVD Drive built in it, then for sure............

Rooted_Dust4897d ago

$749? Is that more or less than PS3 is selling for in that country? I don't see how they intend to draw people away by introducing a more expensive console. Also if Microsoft is introducing a better version they should sponsor some sort of trade in deal for early adopters who will now own obsolete hardware.

PS360PCROCKS4897d ago

its about $555 dollars so in between both PS3's but this is a good deal if it does include a HD-DVD drive and that big of a HDD

Dusk4897d ago

....this is just a rumor until MS actually officially announces something. Secondly, current 360s can output digital. An adapted HDMI cable is possible, so nothing becomes obsolete as current 360s can be upgraded if MS choses to do so. Finally, seeing as nothing is official and you don't even know the Australian PS3 price, how can you possibly know that MS is introducing a more expensive console.

Boink4897d ago

the ps3 will be just under 1000$ in autralia.

MikeGdaGod4897d ago

Everybody keeps doggin the ps3 but what about MS. They keep coming out with new 360s every year almost. This only justifes my ps3 purchase because its obvious MS is trying to keep up with Sony. At least Sony put everything in the ps3 from the beginning whether you need it or not. I thought MS said HDMI wasn't important, now they'll have it. What do all you ps3 bashers have to say now that MS is going to slight their 10 million fanbase with a new system? Now its another $400(maybe more) what ever new add-ons they'll have.(you know they're coming) It has to sting just a little...No?

Tempo4897d ago

have u ever heard the word "rumour", it hasn't even been confirmed by MS (u know the company that owns the 360 and rights to it)and you respond in the affrimative. If you have some exclusive info none of us have plz feel free to share (links to proof as well thank you).

MikeGdaGod4897d ago

no i don't have any info but i do know MS. they do the same things with their OS and almost anything else they come out with. i'm kinda in-between on how i feel because it sonds cool but i already have a 360 so it feels like i'm gonna get shafted. i imagine people that bought the first xbox felt the same when the 360 came out so soon. i think its coming, to me the only rumor is when it will come out.

deepio4897d ago

Why would it sting, the only thing I need out of that lot is a bigger hard drive which I'm sure they'd release as an add-on anyway. 720p through VGA is fine for my TV so no need for the HDMI and who cares if it's quieter or black, none of that bothers me.

Sure I might have a slightly inferior edition of a console but to have played the games I have done since the 360 was launched makes it worth it.

USMChardcharger4897d ago

you say the M$ keeps coming out with a new 360 every year.? when have they come out with a new 360...and how many years do think the 360 has been out?

DrRage774897d ago

your comment is absurd "i imagine people that bought the first xbox felt the same when the 360 came out so soon"

um, do you realize that the original xbox came out in November 2001, and that the xbox360 came out in November 2005? Why in the world would anyone feel slighted when an updated console comes out 4 years after the first one?

i have a question for say that there are new 360's every year (completely not true since we are still on version 1), yet Sony did what you are claiming with the you remember that they released the slimmer ps2, and then another one after that? looks like your argument actually proves you don't know closed lol

MikeGdaGod4897d ago

if you're going to follow everything i said word for word then let me explain a bit. no MS doesn't come out with a new system EVERY year, but they're already on their second version and now this might be coming out.(i dont know what changes were made to the first version, maybe something to make it stop catchin fire or breakin)...i say this because i'm on my third 360 already, thank god for that extended warranty
as for the first xbox, yeah the 360 came out four years later BUT MS dropped ALL support for the original. you can't even buy a xbox game from most places now. THAT SUCKS
now just imagine if the rumor is true and there's more to it like a HD player built-in, that would show that most of the things MS said about the ps3 and all its unnecessary features was bull.
i hope this is just a rumor, but if not i think it would really show that MS just wanted to get their next-gen system out before Sony.

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DJ4897d ago

current 360 models only output in Analog, which is why it doesn't support DVI or HDMI. It's the reason that Microsoft has been experimenting with HDMI output in the first place. If it was truly possible with their current output, they wouldn't bother making a brand new console.

What confuses a lot of people is that Microsoft refers to their AV port as the 'Digital Output'. That, and some people don't know that VGA is an analog feed, not digital feed.

"An adapted HDMI cable is possible, so nothing becomes obsolete as current 360s can be upgraded if MS choses to do so." The console's been on the market for nearly 15 months. Do you really believe that they simply chose not to sell DVI/HDMI cables for their console when nearly every HDTV supports it? Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft releases this 3rd SKU, which blatantly shares a lot of aspects of the Playstation 3. Large hard drive capacity, HDMI output, built-in HD Movie drive (though not for games...yet), sleek black color.

The question is whether Microsoft feels cornered enough to risk releasing it. If they go through with it the whole thing could backfire and the media would have a field day.

shotty4897d ago

So your quoting yourself now.....interesting

THAMMER14897d ago

It is retarded. Nothing else...just...retarded. LOL PS3DO

gogators4897d ago

would Microsoft in it's current position feel cornered in anyway. They currently are in a good position for this generation. The 360 has plenty of games, all it needs is a price drop for more mass market friendliness. That picture looks like the 360 used by developers.

GaMr-4897d ago

IF True: I think this is another big F%^$& our fans from Microsoft !
IF False: Then for god sakes atleast drop the 120GB HDD !