We need to stop thinking of Xbox as ‘Just a Console’

The evolution of the gaming industry has been somewhat of a whirlwind over the past three decades. Games that were once cutting edge can now be played on mobile devices, as the newest console hardware is forever in pursuit of delivering photo realistic graphics and game changing experiences. Companies have competed over the ages to deliver the ‘must have’ console as well as produce the best first party games to complement. Xbox entered the arena in late 2001 and back then it was just a console to compete with all the others….now it is much more.

LordoftheCritics634d ago

What are the non console things we can do on it?

1. Can we browse the internet with a kb/m?
2. Can we alt+tab out and multitask with background apps?
3. Can it be an effective day to day communication device?
4. Can we download non console software/games? If so to what extent?
5. How plug and play friendly is it with other accessories? Is it a pc lvl usb device or console supported only?

Profchaos634d ago

Yeah mine can do all of that I've got the Xbox 2070 with a 8700k 32gb ram edition.

bartender64634d ago (Edited 634d ago )

1- yes
2- some apps run in the background, but no alt+tab, you need to move through mini guide.
3- Maybe if you use skype? You can also use web discord.
4- there are UWP apps, not a lot of functioning ones though and you can turn it into a dev kit and side load apps to it and you can use office 365 in it. You can find some great homebrew apps if you know where to look.
5- you can only plug external usb drives for media or xbox formatted and keyboard and mouse. Still, what else is needed? Surely you will not be plugging maestro kits, arduinos or raspberry pi to the xbox lol.

LordoftheCritics634d ago (Edited 634d ago )

So half assed basically.

The idea is that whenever I want to use a browser, the xbox console doesnt come to mind.

When I want to use skype/discord or email someone, again the xbox does not come to mind.

When I want to multi task, again the xbox doesnt feel like a good platform for it.

For other apps, definitely not.

To connect devices as in blindly trust that I could buy any wireless keyboard/mouse/any kind of hard drive usb, along with formatting options, connecting any web cam of my choice, etc? It feels half assed.

Everything feels like extra bonuses but nothing I would seriously use except gaming. There are nice things to have, but its so much more convenient to grab my phone and search something while my controller is connected to a game. Or reply to an email via phone or laptop/pc

When they make all of the functions feel accessible like it is on a pc or an iphone then we have something here. The xbox one which I still have, was originally marketed as a multi functional device. Everything about that was stripped away and now its multi function lite. Nothing really feels that useful or productive about it.

I think Sony got it right with PS5, make a game focused monster. Thats it. Im sure if one day Sony can make all of the multi functionality feel spot on, they'll do it right.

Sitdown634d ago

All you had to do was say you love Sony. You spent all that time asking a question, you clearly already had the answer to, so you could finish off my praising Sony for being perfect.

LordoftheCritics634d ago (Edited 634d ago )


Sony does nothing but just be itself. MS is the one trying to be everything. If them sucking at it makes others look good, its on them.

The questions were not for me but arguments against the article. We keep hearing, xbox is a service etc etc
What need is it exactly servicing well? The gaming part they are beginning to do better but thats it

Shiken633d ago

It is more about how XBox gaming as a whole is no longer about just console sales, like PS and Nintendo primarily are. Did you even read the article?

There is the traditional console yes, but you also have XCloud, gamepass, and all 1st party games on PC day 1. They push the entire brand as a whole, not just XBox consoles. That is what the title is pointing to, not what kind of functionality a Series X/S has outside of being a console.

LordoftheCritics633d ago (Edited 633d ago )

I did read it. I know its mainly talking about gamepass, cloud and being accessible to multi platform etc.

Why I brought up my points was because MS in the past have clubbed it all together, with skype and the dead and done mixer etc etc and called themselves various names over the years. And game journalists have used that make xbox look like a platform for everything. Something trends, they chase it. When they fail at following those trends, they abandon ship. They clubbed mobile os+windows 8+xbox tiled all together. I have owned all those devices from surface to lumia and xbox with kinect.

Their store names conveniently changing. And on pc it was hell and its only a little better now. From Games for Windows to xbox companion to xbox console app to xbox app to game pass. Even today im not sure if i should use windows store or xbox app for downloads. Also its near impossible to even find some of those installed games on the drive. MS messaging has always been confusing. Their xbox console names says it all. Thats why I mentioned Sony purely for comparison and not praise in particular. Clear messaging. Its not what Phil Spencer says in an interview, its about actually seeing it in Windows 10 OS taking effect. We dont see that. Its a mess.

That is their core principal issue.

I hope they do games and games only platform right, but we have yet to see that in full effect. These opinion articles are bs fluff pieces.

garos82633d ago

i love how "alt tab" is thing to be happy for. i mean here is this amazing brand new game with a killer score and beautiful environment to explore and immerse yourself in but yeah please go put on your favourite podcast to play in the background on you tube because thats totally how people are supposed to enjoy the art at hand

oldenjon633d ago (Edited 633d ago )

Yeah Microsoft got it in their head that Xbox needs to be more than just a game console to be viable competition for Sony and Nintendo. I would hope that it and its followers learned a lesson with Xbox One but apparently not. It ends up a jack of all trades master of none situation. It can do A, B, C, D but it doesn't matter if its core function isn't compelling in ways the competition's is. That's where it needs to focus. This reminds me of xcloud on mobile devices. You really think the number of people who want to use their phones for AAA gaming is significant enough to make it a game changer?

porkChop633d ago

You're specifically talking about the console. The article is talking about Xbox as a whole and how they're not just a console manufacturer anymore. They've integrated Xbox into PCs, they offer cloud gaming on a ton of devices, they have Game Pass, etc. Xbox is an ecosystem now, one that you can access nearly anywhere at any time.

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Levii_92634d ago

Yes it's clearly a saviour of the human race.

TheDoomedGuy634d ago

I thought it was epics job.

neutralgamer1992634d ago

Let it first become a successful console that can deliver amazing games before we make it anything else. Never seen so many goal posts being moved for one brand over the last 10 years. No matter how anyone looks at it Ms had the market share by a huge margin and they have yet to regain even half of it.

I want amazing games from both playstation and Xbox on yearly basis that are competing for GOTY contention. Is that's asking for too much?(I didn't put Nintendo in there because I haven't bought a Nintendo console since SNES but I do understand they have their own fan base and make amazing games that appeal to a lot of gamers)

stamps1646634d ago

It's been 6 years since it was just a console.

2015, Xbox ecosystem = Console/PC
2020, Xbox ecosystem = Console/PC/Mobile device

TheDoomedGuy634d ago (Edited 634d ago )

Yes.. its barely a console and more of a service.

Since they know they failed in the console space competition they are going towards the service side of gaming.

Sitdown634d ago

Making money is considered failing for a business now? Wow

TheDoomedGuy633d ago

Wow....where in my comment did you read "failing as a business" or "business?"

Rimeskeem633d ago

It is failing as a console, succeeding as a PC with a subscription.

Sitdown633d ago

You said they said are failing in the console competition are they failing? Regardless of they are 3rd, if they are maintaining some of the market and making money, where is the fail?

JackBNimble633d ago

I don't know what you think the definition of failed means, but clearly... obviously Xbox has not failed.

Maybe your sonyboi goggles are blinding you but the xbox brand is still in business and continuing to sell. That is not failure be any definition of the word.

TheDoomedGuy632d ago (Edited 632d ago )

They're failing to deliver games. Theyve failed all last gen and so far still failing.

That's the metric i use to determine what fails for me. And in terms of sales yes...they most definitely epicly fail. Considering it's micrsofts and they have a near bottomless pocket of money....just imagine what sony would do with all that money.

So yeah...they consistenly fail to deliver games, sell their own games, and create a console that is revolutionary. They fail to understand that it's not about tera flops. Or having a weaker version at a much lower price...or buying up timed exclusivity...or buying matured developers.

But I concede that they are doing very well with the service subscription called gamepass. Most of the worthwhile games not being 1st party but hopefully that will change by 2025.

This is Microsoft and they have zero idea of how to do anything remotely close to what Sony does with it's studios. Or even continue the success of its own IP like what Nintendo does.

They are 3rd only because there is only 3 in the race. If there were 10 companies in the race they may even be 10th.

MadLad633d ago

Call it whatever you want.

As long as I'm getting good games at a good price, I consider that a win.

TheDoomedGuy633d ago

I agree...lets hope they are good games.

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