Game Vortex: Rubik's World Review

Game Vortex writes: "Any child of the '70s or '80s will remember the Rubik's Cube as a household staple, and judging by the astronomic sales numbers (300 million in circulation in just over 30 years!), so will a child of any other era. Looking at Rubik's World on Wii makes you wonder why we haven't seen the 3*3*3 cube featured in more games. Our guess is that motion controls have finally made it logical to port a very physical experience into a virtual setting. There isn't anything here that couldn't have been done on a different platform, certainly. These aren't even the best graphics the Wii has to offer, but they work fine in service of recreating elements of the classic cube puzzle. The main element that shows up again and again is the "cubie," depicted as a simple cube of one color. Blue, white, green, red, yellow, and orange create a color palette you'll use in mini-games throughout Rubik's World. Just as these simple primary colors had no relation to the original Rubik's Cube being a simple kid's toy, the game is a real head-scratcher in places. Player profiles come already named with handles like "Dad" or "Brother" to convey that Rubik's World is a family game first."

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