Game Vortex: Robocalypse Review

Game Vortex writes: "Off the top of my head, I could name two games that attempt real-time strategy on the DS, but neither are as good as Robocalypse. While it does lack a polished presentation, it more than makes up for it with deep and rewarding gameplay.

Part of the problem with the presentation is the visual design. It is meant to evoke a Saturday morning cartoon show vibe and it does pull that off well, I just don't agree that it fits with the type of game that Robocalypse portrays. I found it a little darker than it would seem at first and the Archie Comics-styled visuals don't convey that feeling very well. While the story is told through haphazard cutscenes, the actual gameplay elements of Robocalypse look very nice. The maps are small and tidy and the units have just the right amount of detail to convey personality and charm. I want to say that Robocalypse looks like a really good Super Nintendo game (like Earthworm Jim) , but I am afraid people won't know that I am complimenting it."

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