Should You Be Excited About The New Saints Row Reboot?

Curry writes, "A few weeks ago, Volition announced the new Saints Row reboot with an awesome trailer showcasing some of the outrageous antics we've all come to appreciate from the franchise. In typical Saints Row fashion, the trailer featured a lot of explosions, off-the-wall driving, and some crazy weaponry. If you're already a fan of the franchise then you know what to expect from a Saints Row game, but after watching this trailer, things may be even more exciting and absurd with this new Saints Row reboot."

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Knightofelemia133d ago

At this point it's a wait and see dropping Johnny Gat pushed me away

Mcurry31132d ago

They dropped the real Johnny Gat around the same time they gave The Boss superpowers. Would love to see Saints Row go back to the way things were with Saints Row 2 but thats not happening.

Terry_B133d ago

Should You Be Disappointed About The New Saints Row Reboot? - Fixed.

sawoosevens132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

I see the same thing in saints row as I see in DC Marvel comics nowadays. I don't believe this game will sale as well it used to; okay to be proven wrong. so far I dont have interest. Atleast they were kind enough to create new characters instead of making old ones gay or different gender and race.

SlothLordPootus132d ago

When they announced it I was ready for day 1. Then I saw the cg trailer and I questioned it. I need to see more gameplay.

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