Do Nintendo need to skip to the next-next gen with the Wii2?

PS4talk writes:

The Nintendo Wii is a massively popular games console. I would say it has far exceeded initial expectations and perhaps even shocked Sony and MS. And it has done so on old-generation graphics.

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TrevorPhillips3600d ago

and bring out what exactly, no they should not they should consider working hard on the next gen wii and bring out more better games

Wenis3600d ago

I think that would be a good choice for Nintendo for a couple of reasons.

1) Blu-ray is looking like it will soon become the standard over DVDs, maybe not for a while but its definitely chugging along

2) IF blu-ray does start picking up more speed and becoming bigger, then not only would it attract that casual audience who would use it for watching movies and being able to play dull shovelware, it would also attract hardcore gamers, knowing that there is much more capability with Bluray, as the PS3 is showing, to be able to make games that are actually up to par with the rest of the generation.

Of course this all could only happen in 3-4 years when Wii sales are finally dying down and when Bluray price is down at a reasonable price, considering Nintendo will probably want to go the same route and release a console for probably no more than $299 I'd assume.

INehalemEXI3600d ago

Whatever they do , they better include an HDD this time.

Lombax3600d ago

Nintendo has never cared about having their consoles do anything but play games. Plus DVDs will do them just fine for HD gaming. (See XB360) How cheep will DVDs be by then?

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just so you know

Wenis3600d ago

Aren't Nintendo making a DVD Wii in Japan soon though?

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Lombax3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Something tells me I should just walk away now before I waste my time reading another opinionated article written by a 10 year old.

majorsuave3600d ago

Well. if by next gen you mean games that are actually rendered in 1080p (instead of upscales from 720p as we see now on PS3 and X360) then yes, Nintendo should go for that kind of next gen.

If they are to continue selling games that are mere excuses for motion sensing rather than offering actual content and/or replay value then I don't care.

Lombax3600d ago

Why do I never listen to the little voice in my head? >.>

fossilfern3600d ago

well nintendo has lost a fan i personally think they shafted their fans releasing a stupid gimmick of a control method that is clumsy and going with these stupid casual games. And this is why i went back to sony, sony stuck to their guns giving us a true gaming systems using the latest technology and if MS and Sony go the way of nintendo then i think ill back out of the console gaming scene and focus more on my PC because nintendo has damaged gaming. The only reason id stay with them is metroid but the way they treat the series is a joke as well they should sell the license to sony or MS so i can play it on PS3 or PC. but this is my own opinion im sure some wont agree with me

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