PSi: Far Cry 2 Review

PSi writes: "Far Cry 2 is an ambitious title, and though it is not without its rough points, it manages to live up to the lofty goals it sets for itself.

Perhaps the most ambitious of these goals is its scope. You are given nearly 50 square kilometers of open landscape to play around in. There's no shortage of things to see; trees sway in the African breeze and sunsets reflect light off bodies of water. You'll see a lot of those sunsets as you explore. Far Cry 2 features a dynamic day/ night cycle that changes as you play, adding just a little extra touch. If it weren't for the soldiers mulling about the place, it would almost be peaceful. Of course, there's no shortage of them either, or their handiwork. It doesn't quite hit the same level as Fallout 3, but Far Cry 2 does a good job of showing off just how bad the civil war is. There are signs of struggle everywhere and it's fun to look and let the sights tell their story."

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