Halo Infinite launch is guaranteed to be a divisive one

Halo Infinite needs to hit the ground running. That’s not going to happen when literally every cool thing about it comes with a catch.

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darkrider49d ago

The lack of crucial features at launch doesn't make any sense except when you think one thing. Services. So many already talked about that. But those opinions are missing here.

darthv7249d ago

Forge is not crucial. CO-OP is not crucial. So what other 'crucial' features is it missing?

the primary and secondary factors will be there at launch: SP campaign and competitive multiplayer. Everything else is tertiary.

Sciurus_vulgaris49d ago

I was surprised by the lack of co-op at launch. Hopefully, it's more expansive than the co-op in previous Halo games. Maybe character specific ability could be include in co-op and additionally enemy scaling? I personally don't use forge, but I have benefited from the fan-made content it generates. Forge, can wait, it is a very complex tool, and once it launches, forge will allow the Halo community to continually add content to the game. Halo 5 forge was praised for it features. Hopefully, 343i can add things such as AI and mods to forge.

darkrider49d ago

Are you a halo gamer? Co op isn't? Sorry but you aren't a halo gamer. I won't even talk about forge...

anubusgold48d ago

@darkrider We care about multiplayer i played lan on halo ce untill halo 2 i played halo 2 multiplayer untill 3 i played the story missions one time and i was done.

DragonWarrior1947d ago

Dude, they don't even have a proper multiplayer progression system planned for launch. Most of the technical preview feedback they reviewed they said they couldn't implement until post launch. Co-op is absolutely crucial and forge is as well since it's the life blood of custom games. In reality, we know more about what is not in the game either at all or at launch than what we are buying day 1. That's really embarrassing for 343 three months from launch.

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DJStotty48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

"crucial features"

Come off it man, the campaign is there, the online multiplayer is there, those are literally the 2 crucial features of Halo.

Campaign co-op is not crucial, and neither is forge mode. Big woop, i will not be able to do a co-op campaign or design a multiplayer level on launch day, neither of which i would have been doing on launch day anyway even if available.

For me it is straight up online, and then campaign straight on legendary solo.

anubusgold46d ago

Forge mode came out so much later the first time i played with it but wasnt the most important part of the game.

Flawlessmic48d ago

Tbh im more concerned at the fact we still havent seen more single player footage with game releasing in just afew short months.

Get the feeling there still not confident in how it looks.

48d ago