Ubisoft is giving away free copies of Far Cry 3 until September 11th

From today, September 7th, and until September 11th 09:30 (local time), PC gamers can acquire a free copy of this classic Far Cry game.

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Petebloodyonion89d ago

The perfect price point for my budget!

89d ago
CrimsonWing6989d ago

Whooooa, don’t act like if all games weren’t free you wouldn’t be a happy camper.

DVAcme89d ago

Yeah, cause taking advantage of free games is totally a bitch move... Check your privilege, pal.

Marcello89d ago

ffs it was only a joke. Typical internet 2021, you write a little joke & the entire Karen brigade turn up.

LordoftheCritics89d ago

Looks at empty wallet. Today's our day.

Lord_Sloth88d ago

Damn right I am! Lemme at dat free!

RedDevils88d ago

Tell that to the gamepass worshipers.

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seanpitt2389d ago

If It’s for free… it’s for me

SDuck89d ago

What I tell to most my Epic Games library that I won't try

CaptainHenry91689d ago

That was easy lol even though I already have an old disc copy for PC

ElvisHuxley89d ago

More likely an attempt to increase adoption of their launcher, but sure, I'll take it.

SDuck89d ago

Seeing as many like me already had it for when they gave AC Unity away, I don't see the problem

Knightofelemia89d ago

I'll grab the game for free some how I ended up with a copy in my PS3 library I forgot I even owned lol

SegaSaturn66989d ago

No, no, no. Now Al Qaida is gonna learn from the AI and become unstoppable.

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The story is too old to be commented.