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Neocrisis - So far no game has received a perfect 10 out of 10 this week. Scans of reviews will be added shortly.

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Homicide3604d ago

That's a great score for Dissidia, but sadly I don't trust Famitsu after they gave Haze the same score as the Orange Box.

soul899er3604d ago

tehy gave FFXII a perfect 40 lol

SWORDF1SH3603d ago

dont try and relate the scores to your taste in games because this is japanese orientated reviews and the japanese have a totally different taste. only take the serious if you like jprgs,rpgs and japanese style games.

soul899er3604d ago

Dissidia!!! xD anyone importing? I already fully payed for mine ! Also is anyone gonna try out the Potions? They are $6.00 at the Cosmos one is really good!! They taste like 7up way better than the Crisis Core one I promise!!