Risen for Xbox 360: First Details Revealed

TeamXbox writes: "This week, Publisher Deep Silver and developer Piranha Bytes will be announcing that the role-playing game on which they've been working, which was previously announced as a PC title, will also be coming to Xbox 360. The game is slated for release in fourth-quarter 2009.

Below is the press release that the two companies will be issuing about the game, as well as a trio of screenshots that should give you a taste for the direction that the developers are going with the Risen world's look.

Piranha Bytes, a Germany-based developer, is best known for its work on the trilogy of Gothic RPG titles."

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Matix3604d ago

Looks like a beastly combination of Far Cry 2 and Oblivion. Can't wait!

sonarus3604d ago

This is a game you haven't heard of till today. Maybe its just me but i see absolutely NOTHING in those screen shots to even raise an eyebrow out talkless of getting excited to the can't wait point.

Don't get me wrong it could turn out to be a fantastic game but from a relatively unknown developer and publisher there is simply nothing to get excited for.

AAACE53604d ago

I hope they are leaning more towards a fantasy atmosphere instead of a realistic one! Still need to see more on this to make a worthwhile judgement.

3604d ago
kewlkat0073604d ago

remember the 360 has nothing until these un annouced games start to show up like....deja vu like last year.

Some even bad mouth games that have not be announced. Only ps3 new ip's people gush over lol

prowiew3603d ago

Is this supposed to be good news?. Im just asking. Never played the gothic series which they develop, but has heard good things about the series. Anyone played the gothic series?

Cenobia3603d ago

"Forthcoming titles from Deep Silver include...Pet Vet: Down Under..."
The publisher and developer don't exactly have good track records (the title of that game makes me think the publisher has horrible judgment as well). Sonarus is right to be pessimistic.

Also, its not a 360 exclusive, so I don't know why people automatically assume his opinion is a fanboy reaction.

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ElementX3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

I don't have high hopes. The last 2 Gothic games got bad reviews and were full of bugs, according to forums.

Vecta3604d ago

Yeah Gothic 1 and 2 were great games, if a little lacking in polish on release but Gothic 3 was chocked full of bugs and had a worse combat system then the first 2 games.

tatotiburon3604d ago

lol "xbox 360 don't have games for 2009"....yeah riiight

CloudsEnd3604d ago

Yeah no games against the full sony lineup. get over it. =/

ViceKingz3604d ago

never heard of the game, never even heard of the dev. hardly qualifies as a game. i doubt youre even going to get it.

N4PS3G3604d ago


Do you actually believe that? do you really think MS is not going to show any more games for the 360 in 2009?

You know..thats why at the end of each year ..things don't end up like expected and people get dissapointed

LeonSKennedy4Life3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )


The 360 has the best lineup next year...

You have:

- Halo 3 add-on pack
- Gears of War...again
- Alan Wake Up and Release Already
- Splinter-Cell Solid: Conviction
- Halo & Conquer: Covenant Wars

Whereas, the PS3 has a slew of pure crap:

- God of War III
- Killzone 2
- Heavy Rain
- White Knight Chronicles
- Gran Turismo 5
- Infamous
- Uncharted 2
- Quantum Theory
- War Devil
- Demon's Soul

Do I have to pull out EyePet?

EDIT: dare you mock the great Halo!!! I can't even begin to describe the innovation it brought to the industry! Look here:

ViceKingz3604d ago

you might as well list the other halo games that are being milked out in the future, like

- halo kart racing
- halo tennis
- lego halo

Mozilla893604d ago

While I do believe that the 360 is gonna have games in 2009 I really wouldn't use this game to back up your argument.

outlawlife3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

you people do realize that microsoft doesn't announce the majority of their lineup until january-february right?

look at all of the stuff that came out this fall that wasn't even announced until e3

just being realistic here are a few points:

-we all know that MS won't announce what they have until the onset of the new year

-half of those sony titles don't have firm release dates or we havent even seen actual gameplay of them yet and there is a good chance some of them may not hit in 09

-no matter how much you hype a game for whatever system there is an overwhelming chance that it may suck so lets not hype trailers

no need to argue in favor of one console or another it is sad seeing people devote their lives to a corporation that you are nothing but a wallet to and don't care if you live or die

this can be applied to all 3 console manufacturers so go experience life because there are bigger things to think about and more important things to say than "PS3 FTW!" or "360 in 09!"

i enjoy both systems although i don't own a ps3 yet, i'll get one after the price drops and I have a better tv

i'll wait and see how many of these games actually deliver, honestly the only ones that i would purchase day 1 without playing first as it stands now would be god of war 3 and GT5

i do wish sony wouldn't hype games 3 years in advance, it seems as though we first saw gt5 about 10 years ago

i much prefer the system of not announcing games until they are 8 months off release which MS has been doing the last few years, time passes easier that way

cherrypie3604d ago


MS doesnt announce its games as early as sony. How's Home working out for you guys?

Just you *wait*, boy, 2009 - year of PS3!!11onelol!

cherrypie3604d ago

"other halo games that are being milked out in the future,"

Halo CE was released in 2001 douche.
Halo 2 was 2004.
Halo 3 was 2007.
Halo Wars will be 2009.
Halo ODST will be 2009.

5 Games. 8 Years.

How many Ratchet games has Sony made in the last 8 years? 8 games maybe?

How about God of War? GW1 2005. GW2 2007. GW3 2009.

Want to talk about "MILKING"? Sony rides the SEQUAL MILK TRAIN vastly harder than MS ever has.

Xbox Street Gang3604d ago

The 360 peaked in 07 and has been going down ever since...

Luckily, Gears gave the 360 their only AAA game this whole year.

ViceKingz3604d ago

lets talk gears

gears 1 - 2006
gears 2 - 2008
gears 3 - 2010

forza, same 2 yr gap between each game
same for PGR

same pace of god of war dont you think?

dont spaz out because i dissed your power ranger

etownone3604d ago

"Luckily, Gears gave the 360 their only AAA game this whole year"

lol...hahah... nice one kid!

Thats why X=PLay gave Fable 2 GOTY award for 2008...

and Braid, Grid, and Left for Dead picked up a couple other awards.

AAACE53604d ago

Did you forget that MS said they will wait until a game is 6-12 months from completion to announce it, in order to cut down on games getting overhyped?

And keep in mind that most of the games on that Ps3 list you have been waiting for since the Ps3 launched(Killzone 2, GT5)! So you really don't have any bragging rights, because some of those games might get delayed into 2010 and some of them might turn out as good as games like Too!

Point is... don't run your mouth when nothings set in stone!

3604d ago
Rhoic3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Xbox 360: (Thanks Shadow Man)

-Ninja Blade
-Mass Effect 2
-Alan Wake
-Halo 3: ODST
-Star Ocean 4
-Mobile Ops: The One Year War
-Magna Carta 2
-Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction
-Project Offset
-Halo Wars
-Fallout 3 DLC
-Forza Motorsport 3
-Halo: Chronicles
-The Crossing
-Prey 2
-Divine Divinity II
-Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures
-Age of Pirates: Captain Blood
-Voodoo Nights
-Ninety-Nine Nights II
-Project Progressive
-Race Pro
-Dead Island
-Demons of Mercy
-Dungeon Hero
-Shadow Harvest
-The Shadow of Aten
-Super Star
-Underwater Wars
-Versus Tactical Action
-White Gold: War in Paradise
-Divinity 2 – Ego Draconis
-Grand Raid Offroad
-Omikron 2
-Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi EXTRA
-Kingdom Under Fire II

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LeonSKennedy4Life3604d ago

That looks promising.

I need gameplay though.

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