Tormented Souls delivers the chills and thrills of survival horror to Xbox Series X|S

Neil writes: "Originally announced for Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC, and then seeing older gen versions dropped in favour of Series X|S and PS5, Torments Souls has finally arrived on the scene, providing gamers with the chance to relive some of the most classic survival horror"

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Limitedtimestruggle43d ago

Yeah I'm looking forward to this one! Looks like a real throwback to the classic survival-horror realm!

cooperdnizzle43d ago

Been playing for a few days and I am actually surprised at how well they did some of their puzzles. Would love some more games just like it. Love the fixed camera and old school survival horror!

JTShiny243d ago

Much better than "The Medium"

TricksterArrow42d ago

A few odd design choices, but overall a good game. Hope they get traction to develop an even better sequel.