Life is Strange: True Colors hands-on preview: Not afraid to make you sad - Ars Technica

From Ars Technica: "While elevated by strong performances and writing, the script we saw didn't always make an effort to prioritize the "serious" plot driving its central mystery, which may feel odd depending on what you're looking for. And we found small inconsistencies in dialogue based on actions the player has or hasn't already taken. The game is nothing to write home about from a technical standpoint, with sporadic frame drops while exploring Haven Springs and hit-or-miss visual quality. And don't get us started on the inexplicable, upwards-of-10-second loading times whenever Alex enters a new scene or building, despite running on the SSD-fueled PS5.

Still, focusing on these quibbles would miss the point. Square Enix hasn't been shy that True Colors revolves around loss, and it's through Alex's new relationships and shared experiences with her newfound community that the game shines. True Colors might end up being the series' most genuine reinvention yet."

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