Ark Survival Evolved Revisited: Maybe Patches Aren’t so Bad After All

Ark Survival Evolved has improved tremendously over the past couple of years. Maybe it's time we gave patched games another chance.

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Ninjamonkey8244d ago (Edited 44d ago )

It better than where it was with legacy, but still server quality is well a joke and the game as the ability to still crash next gen consoles though its alot less on next gen the blue screen error still happens lol. Still i play it and trade dinos to this day, game has always been fun enough to look past the issues and though easy gen 2 is a chill map and the new dinos added still fun to tame. Hope Ark 2 works on the games strong fun points and fixes the servers

Sayai jin44d ago

Ark has been evolved, no pun intended. It is in eay better shape. Server quality ihas and is an issue. The game's engine, scope, etc is the reason for that. Ark 2 uses a different engine that is supposed to resolve this and meshing.

I've been enjoying the new Xbox Series Ark enhancement. I can't believe they haven't gave PS this enhancement. Come on Wildcard.