GameSpot: Castlevania Judgment Review

Unfortunately, one worthwhile mode and new equipment can't save Castlevania Judgment from its mountainous pile of problems. The unforgivable flaws drain nearly every ounce of enjoyment from the fighter, and whatever aspiration it had falls flat on its face. The abhorrent camera, dreadful art, and cumbersome controls are for masochistic applicants only; fans of the franchise, fighting, or fun will find nothing of value in this sloppy cash-in.

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Durffen3599d ago

Very harsh.

GameStop is still a website? I thought that place was bombed after Gerstmann left?

Mahr3599d ago

Most of Gamespot's senior staff left in the aftermath of Gerst-gate. Some of them joined up with Gerstmann to form the site Giant Bomb, one of them became a producer at Harmonix, and I think another moved to IGN.

The site still retains a fairly large membership base, makes a ton of revenue off of advertisements, and is still affiliated with CNET and CNET's other properties, like Gamefaqs and That said, it's a bit of a shadow of what it once was.

Commercial recognition aside, I've always sort of viewed the site as a joke.