IGN: Afro Samurai Updated Hands-On

There is usually little to get excited about when it comes to brawlers. They all have a few combo moves, waves of lesser enemies followed by some giant, hulking boss, and perhaps a unique gameplay mechanic to make them stand out from the crowd. Afro Samurai has all of these things, and yet feels exciting from the moment you turn it on. That feeling, no doubt, comes from the slick visual style, awesome soundtrack, and liberal use of Samuel L. Jackson's voice.

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NewZealander3692d ago

anyone actually care about this game?

no didnt think so, next.

Radiodread3691d ago

Afro Samurai is a f!cking awesome anime. I'll be gettin this game, as well as watching season 2 when it airs around the same time the game comes out.