Layden Has 'No Idea' What Happened to Capcom Deep Down Game

Former Sony executive Shawn Layden has "no idea" what happened to Capcom Deep Down game, which disappeared after announcement.

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SullysCigar903d ago

I thought this looked fun. I hope they do something with it eventually.

Rangerman1208902d ago

From what I have read, they wanted to delay the game to make the graphics "realistic". Imo, the game already looked good as it is. My guess is that perhaps they shifted their focus for a ps5 release but only time will tell.

Michiel1989901d ago

considering it looked basically better than any other game in that trailer, they were probably too ambitious. They also wanted to have endless dungeons, have several historic periods that they wanted to realize, infinite randomly generated loot. its not being made for ps5, it went in the dumpster, no way capcom would let them work on it from then on until now. it was like 9 years ago or something that trailer came out?

Ashunderfire86901d ago

I remember seeing demo footage of this game on the PS4! It already look like one of the best looking games on the PS4, like a prenext gen game before PS5.

Shinox901d ago (Edited 901d ago )

This was never meant to be a game and it was more like a showcase for their engine "Panta Rhei" that they never used in any game ( which probably named RE Engine now ) , yes this project was meant to be a low budget free to play game for the PS4 and planned to release in Japan but all of that was canceled in a matter of few months , this whole project has been silently canceled long long time ago and people does not know Capcom well when it comes to sideswiping projects

Giraiga13901d ago

@Shinox if what you said is true then that's a big shame really. I was really looking forward for the game, and it had some cool ideas and mechanics that caught my attention (though making it a F2P title was somewhat worrisome).

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darthv72902d ago

I always thought it was because of this games questionable development that they were able to do the deal for SFV in its place.

SyntheticForm902d ago

As far as I'm aware not a single game was developed with the Panta Rhei engine. Some aspects of the engine may have been folded into Capcom's current engines, but who knows, really?

I thought it looked really good at the time it was shown.

Giraiga13902d ago

Agreed. The game had a lot of promise, jankiness aside. Plus, I sorta loved the survival horror aspects of the game in certain areas.

ManInRed902d ago

Still sucks we haven't heard much from it. Really liked the concept behind it, and I feel like I was one of the very few who liked the game's music. A shame it's in hiatus as of now.

Sciurus_vulgaris902d ago

I think Platinum has been overextending itself for a good while now. Scalebound was canceled after missing deadlines and Bayonetta 3 has shown nothing since its announcement in 2017.

Sciurus_vulgaris902d ago

Posted my comment on the wrong article..,

Rangerman1208902d ago (Edited 902d ago )

Like Darkborn said, you still have a good point, even if it's not related to this newspiece.

Sciurus_vulgaris901d ago (Edited 901d ago )

@Darkborn and Rangerman1208

I think Deepdown's disappearance is simply due to Capcom focusing resources on their already established IPs ( Resident Evil, Monster Hunter and too a lesser extent Devil May Cry). Despite the vaporware nature of Deepdown, Capcom has been doing quit well for the past 4 years or so.

TheExecutioner902d ago

even capcom doesnt know .. no one knows what happened

Rangerman1208902d ago

Honestly, I want to believe the game will happen but after what happened with Wild, who's to say Capcom won't consider on pulling the plug on the game?

A shame cause the game looked very interesting.

Barneyco901d ago

Excuse my ignorance but was Wild cancelled or delayed? I didn't hear news about that.

Barneyco901d ago

I looked Wild up. I had no idea it was cancelled last year. I was looking forward to it.

spicelicka902d ago

It's quite deep down this game

hulk_bash1987901d ago

Deep down seemed like Vaporware from the start. There was never anything shown beyond the initial reveal trailer.

Yppupdam901d ago (Edited 901d ago )

There is always games like this that look cool and excites everybody...and then it disappears. Look at "8 days", everything about that game looked as cool as hell, The Story, Ving Rhames as one of the characters and pretty cool game mechanics (of what video leaked out of them) That game still stings to me, I really wanted to play it.

Giraiga13901d ago

Same thing with The Getaway for the PS3. I always wanted to try out English GTA from Sony, but it sadly never came to be.

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DVAcme902d ago

While the game never came out, I don't think it was time wasted. If you look well at how the camera follows the character and how it moves around during "gameplay", you'll notice it's spot-on identical to the camera in Resident Evil 2 Remake. Deep Down might have been cancelled, but it most likely became a proof of concept for Capcom in development of the REngine.

Magic_Spatula902d ago

I always thought it was a tech demo never intended to become an actual game. Pretty sure it's just them showing off what would eventually become their proprietary engine Reach For The Moon Engine or "RE Engine" as most people call it.

gleepot901d ago

capcom calls it the RE Engine, because thats what its called

Giraiga13901d ago

To quote from the other guy, it's definitely likely that Phanta Rei probably transformed into the RE engine. Still, it sucks the game might not see the light of day, especially considering how ambitious Capcom was with it.