Mario Golf: Super Rush team wanted courses as large as Hyrule Field, received advice from Zelda devs

Camelot, the developer behind Mario Golf: Super Rush, talk Zelda inspiration and receiving advice from the Breath of the Wild team.

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whitbyfox48d ago

Idiots should have listened to the Toadstool Tour team.

babadivad48d ago

Is the Toadstool Tour team the ones who made the original Mario Golf?

Nebaku47d ago

They're the same team, idiot.

whitbyfox47d ago

You think the same people stayed for 20 years, idiot?

Servbot4148d ago

Maybe they shoulda worked on making the whole package better instead.

babadivad47d ago

First Mario Golf was a classic. I don't know why it's been so hard to up follow that simple formula.

blix200648d ago

this game was awful and i am ashamed to have talked my friends into preordering it with me.