Makers of ambitious Rockstar '3D universe' GTA San Andreas mod cease development themselves

The makers of another long-running GTA San Andreas mod have pulled it offline themselves amid the ongoing crackdown by Take-Two.

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annoyedgamer41d ago

I wish nobody would buy the upcoming remasters but we all know they will sell like hotcakes.


I'll just torrent the PC versions once they release them. I have all the GTA's on PC for free. I'm going to post the torrent links right to Take-Two and say what can you do now? Nothing that's what, I'm taking everything 🤣

Profchaos41d ago

And you know who that behaviour hurts? The PC community remember the mid 2000s when everything was only on console because of piracy was a giant problem on PC before steam became the giant it is today devs were ignoring the PC because everything was cracked and distributed online before the official release date.

It's why crysis bombed financially despite so much praise the priacy numbers were giant. Now if just half of those who pirated the game just brought it legally we would of got a crysis 2 that wasn't designed around a linear console game experience and watered down like 2 was

It really took the rise of digital store fronts to give people a legal and affordable way back to PC gaming for publishers to fully embrace of again.

So if you think piracy is ever the answer remember your the reason why crysis 2 sucks and the reason why we have such harsh DRM like denuvo or custom DRM like rockstar built for rdr2.

Vegamyster41d ago


I don't like the Crysis argument because despite piracy the 1st game on PC is the best selling games in the franchise and the CEO himself said it was still a success, they were originally pissed at piracy numbers and claimed if their games were on console they would have sold something like 4x as much which didn't happen.

"Cevat Yerli: Well, commercially, we had hopes that were not met. But the real expectations were actually met. As a developer we made a profit, so we're happy." 2008

Regardless you shouldn't pirate, like you said it gives devs an excuse to use crappy DRM.

x_xavier_x41d ago

You are the epitome of a spoiled, entitled child.

annoyedgamer41d ago

Same. Not a dime goes to these corporations.

roadkillers41d ago

Two wrongs don't make a right. As this is the case, I hope TakeTwo gets punished with low sales, but what you are doing IS a crime.

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XxINFERNUSxX41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

They should have uploaded everything as a torrent and then stop. Then Take-Two can't take anything down 😀 I just a tweet to them directly. "For trying to take down the GTA San Andreas mod , your games from the past and future will be torrented for free on PC. " 🤣🤣

SickSinceSix41d ago

They would have been torrented regardless, in fact jailbroken consoles games have torrents for isos too, I see them all the time when I torrent movies

Profchaos41d ago

Corporate giants are just bullying their most dedicated fans that spend their time prolonging the life of their hands and realistically could of actually generated a small number of sales

JohnGibreci41d ago

This is so sad tbh. Modding community expanded this game so much. Rockstar doesn't care about gamers, they just care about money.

Profchaos41d ago

Rockstar know it and have historically embraced the community however this is take two their parent company waging war and Rockstar lost dan Houser wginwas probably pro community so who knows at this point it's gross and if they are so scared of the modding community putting the remaster at risk the remaster must be of pretty low quality because these guys are just hobbyist and if they can make a better product for free than you put millions into something's wrong.

neutralgamer199241d ago

So many of original members of R* have left this is Take two and their Greed nothing less nothing more. I wish they would all leave and start a new studio. They are way too talented your be not releasing games often. If they were to become free agent every publisher would go hard after them simply because they are so talented and they can still make GTA but under a different name

annoyedgamer41d ago

Some of the former guys did start a new studio. I forgot the name though.

annoyedgamer41d ago

Rockstar has been gutted. Its just a shell now.

JohnGibreci35d ago

Yeee. They also recently announced GTA V... AGAIN LOL This is third time they announced the same game, say "Improved graphics, AI" but it's the same game. It blows my mind tbh, but they are still doing good and making billions of dollars every single year.