I am Jesus Christ Reveals New Unreal Engine Gameplay Showing Fasting In The Desert

Developer SimulaM released another gameplay video of its upcoming Jesus simulator I am Jesus Christ, showing a rather peculiar segment.

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LordoftheCritics51d ago

I wonder if its a souls like game. I mean hesoos pulled of the og respawn.

porkChop50d ago

Yeah but his ping was shit. Took 3 days to get back in the match.

Palitera50d ago

A incredibly shitty game with a catchy name and absolutely nothing else.

Vx_50d ago

Play with a middle eastern man.. who is being worshiped by the west. The irony.

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SegaSaturn66951d ago

Hopefully he can class change into Hasidic ninja.

FreeFallFrenzy51d ago

Agreed. Gotta make sure the game isn't DOA first

XbladeTeddy50d ago

I'm sure they will be able to resurrect it if it is though.

ElvisHuxley51d ago

Something for everyone I guess, lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.